Otto Skorzeny / Pentagon / NASA / Nazi International

While doing some research on the horrible Col. Otto Skorzeny I came across this document. Note that on point 7, Skorzeny wishes to personally confer with General J Collins.

on a Wikipedia search of General Collins one finds that his nephew is Michael Collins, a famous NASA astronaut who flew with Apollo 11 during COLUMBIA. J. Lawton Collins - Wikipedia

While I have yet to find confirmation of conference between Skorzeny and Collins, I do find it significant he was seeking out this man while attempting to set up guerilla operations within the Soviet Bloc. Lord knows where that rabbit hole may lead…


Keep us posted.

Loaned Nazi International out to a relative years ago and haven’t gotten it back yet. Really into reading Dr. Farrell’s books right now. It is like he had a Word of Knowledge.

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Yes, I never gave much attention or care what happened to the Nazis after WWII until I started paying attention to this website.
Now they seem to be everywhere like weeds in a garden.


citing from page 184 of The Skorzeny Papers author Ganis claims that Charles Willoughby was one of the men who contacted Skorzeny to work with Nassar and Gehlen in Egypt. Willoughby was the US Army Maj-General who apparently worked with HL Hunt & Gehlen in their Foreign Intelligence Digest. He also worked closely with Col. Corso as explained in LBJ and the Conspiracy to Kill Kennedy. If this claim is true then I think it supports the idea’s brought forward in Dr. Farrell’s work that this Texas Oil/Private military intelligence apparatus is utilizing Skorzeny in the manipulation of the UFO narrative.