Part 3: North American BRI - Here Come The Migrants. Ash & Tree Removal Work to Begin Soon In Canada? USING FIRE!

I’m not the only one who sees it! Whomever posted this earlier, thank you!
The tweet below says it all…

Fires in Canada seem to be lessening and sites cooling down.
Waiting to see if migrants push further north soon.

December 25, 2023:¢er=400000%2C1000000&month=12&day=25&year=2023#iMap

June 2023: Canada wildfires: Where are they still burning?

And More Migrants for Work? (Just posted on YT.)

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Chinese coming through Ecuador and Ecuador Pres. today put the country under emergency, due to cartels violence.

(All kinds of hell breaking loose today! Anyone other than me see the hack of SEC’s X account?)

The $1.85T Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act (Infrastructure Deal/IIJA), which will likely end up costing $3T anyway, is so rich, there’s a slice of pie for everybody! Each time I read through a section of this, it just keeps confirming my thoughts.

Look at the internet layout alone. Hey we get to build our own ‘prisoner tracking system’! Yeaaaaa!

Don’t forget to check that ‘guide book’. I surely know who arranged for all the Appalachian money…

It’s just MASSIVE! LOL! Someone(s) got to build all this and it ain’t gonna be those soft little white men, ages 18 - 25ish. Gee, I wonder who it will be?

Don’t think for one second that Trump will toss this out. He passed the Agreement to make it possible.

FIRE isn’t the only way to kill the population, nor is the jab.

‘They know who to choose’