Part 8: Is The World Turning Against Israel and Why? (US 'concerned' about reports that Israel used white phosphorus.)

Concerned? That’s it?!

I can’t verify the truthfulness of the article below but I don’t doubt it a bit, as it’s a very common occurrence when people are treated in this manner.

The United States should be absolutely ashamed of our part in this terrible genocidal action! Obviously, Israel has a lot of U.S. Reps by the short-hairs and I hope this is their undoing. I’m sick of MY USD’s going to these sorts of things and have to think that this one is so over-the-top that it can no longer be hidden from anyone, anywhere. It’s such a mess that Hillary is now on the scene to steer Joe off-stage. Oh joy! Another threat to the world…

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Diseases sneezes. it is called TOXINS.

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Now let’s not be arrogant and flippant.
It is a legitimate concern.

This is what changed my life in the first Golf War.
I saw the road of death.
Nothing was ever the same after that.

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‘Uncle’ Adolf will be proud … and I don’t say that lightly. As a person who studied the rise of the Nazi’s through many works … which led me to the Nazi Bell and Joseph … I am both dismayed and not surprised at this devolution.

Makes one wonder if the human race is indeed possessed by something very evil…those doing nothing to stop the carnage and those doing the carnage.

I think it’s the whole Jekyll and Hyde dichotomy … what will they do if they think nobody is looking or judging.

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“Shoot first, ask questions later.”

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This video put up on YT in the past week but who knows where it was filmed, or, ‘created’.

It was the perfect setup. Hamas knew exactly what would happen.

This is a real example of “collateral damage”.

Moral of the story for the world to see, Zionists want as all dead.

Proof of many conspiracy theories of heart attack rays and graphene and etc etc.

God didn’t do this, Zionists did somehow.
Maybe even chance, but not a judgement from god.

Honestly if there is divine influence it was from demons. Demons are 100% real from my experience.

If demons did this, and that is the only divine aspect that would, it shows how real the battle is.

That reality is unsettling. The demons don’t usually intervene so directly for propaganda value.

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His “body suit” doesn’t look like he spared any expense on “eating well” and avoiding a healthy lifestyle…plus the drain on his emotions for such an impassioned speech?…

There are some interesting videos contained in this long video.
For this reason, unless you want to revisit Armenia/Azerbaijan conflict, I suggest starting at min. 33:00 because INL guy is so disorganized, you’ll spend a lot of time watching him scroll through videos trying to find his starting places.

I do suggest you watch the Rabbi Schneerson portion at min. 35:00 and also toward the end re: Putin.

Keep in mind, these are allegations, not proof.
Make of it what you will…

Yes that it is,because…

When you’re fighting Zionists an advantage is 101% predictability.

These 3 guys knew they were walking to certain death.

“Dead men walking”.

Not a 'divine disease" IMO, but, what goes around does come around, perhaps?
People in Israel are confirming a ‘sort of Flu’ present and spreading.
Hate the mechanical voice but, it is what it is, for now.

Not into Democracy Now but some good points being made here nonetheless.

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