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“Pattern deaths” has been and will remain one of those topics blogged about on this site, because (1) they are pattern and (2) the ultimate perpetrators and (3) the ultimate motivations remain a mystery. “Pattern deaths” for our purposes may be defined as a sudden cluster of “suicides” or otherwise mysterious deaths of people working in…


Good Thinking, 99!!! Removing all funds from the Bankster Control is the only way to crash their system…for good!!! Planet Earth is about to enter a New Era…a good one!!

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As emergence when “slippery suicides” are happening on such scale its by default job of/coz the spooks!, what was case I suppose since the beginning of our known history, altho it got ultra messy trend in the medieval european realm and since then till these days we are witnessing continual power struggle among various neopagan factions who will take the lead mids the western realm, for what good read would be the teuton’julian’theory shared supposedly by some franciscan monk [1][1] now, I can just imagine that finance is not the only realm of competitive ground for infiltration (and that predominant motive for “wet suicides”) but also science military or corporate push-pull tensions for “some” throne, probably there are many accidents due to reckless hedonistic mammonistic or egoistic nature what for neopagans is norm (hm for all knowing in what kind of immoral era we are thrown by enlightenment prescription and standardization which when the secular republicanism became preferable blueprint for following normally that now after one century wide acceptance along capitalism will produce various risks for all), alone depression due to rat race life’on’debt is smooth path to reckless accidents, yet indeed when we will see such pattern hm “that” smells on more than usual slip, altho in 8 billion its easily covered up the same thus go prove the correlation, and even the police forces would like to close or expose some case, sure there will be always “some” dupe that will at least stall that momentum when in question are such hits!, after all we are speaking for one huge 1% band of monstrums who how are intermarried are one fine big family of minions [2][2][2]-[2][2][2] to which agendas sadly many are bowing coz idealess stamina or wrong ideals as pivot in their lives, but what is more sad is that among those are also many Christians too that are not fortified in The Truth but swimming in this world by compromises with “their” evil neopagan policies actions and norms!, what in essence means serving on two masters!, thus we are where we are having Grace as shield but forgetting to shield ourselves while preoccupied with the spirit from this world, usually lusting for comfortable life’on’debt or gains’without’pains, what in the end will fireback for granted if we have in mind the thoughtful warning of candle proverb by Saint Anthony The Great [3][3][3][3]

The problem is when “such” shadow’elites have own fears and/or agendas when actually we are all becoming hostages of the same!, its like being “free” zoonpolitikon but in “their” zoo!, when even as commoner You’ll want to question “their” stamina (eg. even shouting hey Joe where are you going with that gun in your hand) You are targeted, what about if somehow directly or indirectly someone is tied to “their” shadow’euroatlantic’empire!? And the problem indeed gets more complicated when in question is not conquering a new continent coz ultimate greed, but chasing new homo’silicone shift coz ultimate control!, thus I really find compelling “their” neopagan esoteria [4][5][6] as explanation why we are witnessing geopolitical turmoils as the current one, yep ultimate covert power corrupts “them” ultimately usually by spiritual nature i.e. even as atheists “they” are like that opened for possession by demons-anathema-to-them what about as neopagans that adore “dem” and are bound to keep “their” power by sacrificing human blood to “dem”, thus thats why most effective resistance for us is through Grace and Lord Forbid we to reason otherwise i.e. that its our to chase heaven’on’earth by human will!

Now, saying that by default if we remove banksters control we would see the day is like saying collapsing all euroatlantic financial casino along whole world trade by system of connected vessels is good idea ~ if we know that “they” as city’of’london hold all by neck directly or indirectly [7] so by default is not so wise approach that by hijack we will see free from hijack plutocracy!, probably “they” will not seat with crossed hands too if “their” power is anyhow challenged from within, but yes we can evade “their” skims&spins and narrow the space for corruption if we engage in eTOS environment [8][8][8][8] so we would force “them” to stop behaving like pharaohs!, will we achieve this it depends solely from us as citizens, thus we need to force political parties on 24/7 wide open debate on party eforums, foremost so we would recognize the plutocratic infiltration and how which policies are supported by whom eg. in gop, but also like that even loudly shouting later to the potus hey “someone” is slipping on executive signing some wrong bulk of fascicles!, and I firmly claim everything else would be pressure by illegal means what eventually will lead to revolution which again will be used by “them” as excuse for even greater totalitarian hijack of the system as in usA so as in eU [9] practically once eTOS vibe will start steaming as on party so as on ngo eforums I am sure many whistlerblowers will be encouraged to stand up, coz now mids closed system that is tied to enormous risks eg. as had have been exposed to AndrewGH [10]

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This I like.…but not until I have 20 characters


Your pieces, although quite complicated, are always thought provoking. The letter sent by the Franciscan monk not only shared a lot that many of us have contemplated, but also provided helpful summary of European history that most Americans did not get in formal education.

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