Problems with 3rd quarter Wrap up with Joseph

Copied this from Solari.

“We are experiencing significant challenges in the global digital systems. This includes inability for US subscribers to access our European servers due to routing problems that make syncing up the wrap up website impossible while they last. We are experiencing significant Denial of Service attacks that challenge logins and uploads. Then we should mention inexplicably buggy software. Consequently, we anticipate working late into the night and have moved our deadline for posting News Trends & Stories Part I with Dr. Farrell to Friday at Noon ET. We thank you for your understanding in these interesting times. All we can tell you that it was quite a discussion. We hope you enjoy it”!



Makes this one extremely interesting


Thanks for this update. This Wrap up could prove very important considering the present global financial situation.

As always, very much looking forward to
Joseph’s and Catherine’s wrap up discussions.
Can’t wait!

10-4, Thanks for the update!

I’m watching this now here in Italy. Part 1 lasts over 3 hours.

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Wondering if this is an indication of continuing problems of this nature with CAF in Europe

Wow, I haven’t had a chance to listen yet, but I was able to make my usual backup Mp3 voice-only back up to listen to. Though usually, I do that in case our rural internet goes out, not because of obviously intentional sabotage.

DoS attacks reveal an interest in keeping your information from public scrutiny, get it out there anyway you can. Thanks for all you do to shine a light on the swamp.