Regarding Mr Global and his sudden need to move fast, a few thoughts

I was doing some thinking on the delivery route today after watching a movie clip last night from “John Wick 2” If not familiar with the movie series it’s about a man who was an assassin who wanted out, got married and after she died, got drug back into it after his was mugged, robbed, dog killed, and car stolen. Anyways I was watching a deleted scene from the second movie, the oligarch is warned by a watcher after oligarch had older sibling assassinated to get her position at “the Table” a ruling deep state body
“you can’t change everything all at once, there are such things as rules”
“rules are meant to be broken Winston”
“not for those who live by them”
“do not speak to me like I child, I make the rules now”
“do you have a problem with tradition?”
“Tradition is the enemy of progress”
“To me, it is the opposite”
When I heard this my brain right away thought of how Joseph said the old guard is dead and the elites/Mr Global seem to be in a rush all of sudden. Hollywood usually gives us glimpses into deepstate. What is metaphorically, this is what is going on. They see traditions as there enemy to progress an thus want to eliminate or assassinate anyone or anything they deem enemy of their twisted dream.


Global disclosure project based on the biggest military sting operation in the history of the world.

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soup, you know I like you, but your statement is so nebulous, it might as well have come from brandolino. Please expand on it? Who’s doing the disclosure & who’s doing the stinging, IYO. Thanks!

I know right, i really wanted it to sound feel like the guy who makes the voice for blockbuster commercials.
“This Summer, get ready for a sting. A global sting… Operation” hehe.

Im def going to make a proper thread where om going to try to cover the data that supports that theory.

The problem is that alot of it is from various interviews and is also a pov ive built up over a long time.
Also since the whole topic is very complex and divisive im having a hard time knowing how to formulate it.
But a good start is to really look into the Q drops and the people talking about “devolution” of the deepstate.

The ansver to who is fighting the deepstate and now trying to expose them?
I would call them the reverse deepstate or like DJ’s term X-share groups etc.
These could include whatever non corrupted people from various agencies or cults(churches etc)
For obvious reasons they need to stay hidden to be able to fight etc.
These could be mixed bags of cells within cells with limited coms between each other.

The point we are at today has been planned for att least 20years but probably way longer.
These are groups that has been fighting for millenia but under different names and flags.
The main Battlefield has always been the minds of people.
Thats why they always blur the lines of right and wrong.
So most people have no idea that the predators look like sheep etc.

My biggest easy argument for the sting/disclosure project is that i think its getting more obvious by the day to spot who is fighting for what side.
I know its a show and every public figure acts from a script.

But seriously, who has been writing these poor polititians notes for the last few years?

Can the Joe biden presidency be anything else then a way to show the world how fake everything is?
I mean why would the deepstate want someone like him to represent them?
If they just wanted to destroy America they could just blow some dams and haarp around a bit.

Ok, I thought Q might come into your conversation somewhere.
NOT a believer in Q whatsoever, so I don’t need to go any further with this.
If, in end I owe you an apology, so be it.
Good luck, brother & don’t piss into the wind too much.

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Def no hard feelings, i dont expect or want anyone to to take anything online as truth.
I know i sometimes present things with a little more confidense then is accepted when talking about things that we cant really prove yet.

Q or any other source should be treated with caution.
I just recomend people to look into the drops and look at the time and compare it to things that is happening.

The media tried to lump Q into the anons who write about the drops.
Im not saying Q is Trump or anything really.
Even if Q is a DS psyop i beleive it backfired, whatever it is i know alot of people who started diggging around because of Q.

And even the people i know who think its BS knows about the theory.
So it still put the idea of a global evil deepstate in their heads.

Also when i say “global sting operation disclosure project” i dont mean that this is going to be fun or easy.
The great reseters are forced into going all in with their agenda.
Basicly where are heading into it head first instead of slow and controlled like they wanted.

So all of their doomsday plans are operational at some capacity.
The next year will be a huge challenge for most people on the planet.
Energy/food crisis is coming and i suspect the DS is going to activate all kinds of cells around the world to create chaos.

Basicly the biggest effect of this operation is to make the secret war open.
The deepstate can only operate in extreme cover of darkness.
99% of their staff doesnt know anything about the true agenda.
Most are just regular people lifting pappers and typing on a computer.

My hope is that in some time alot of my threads will be more and more obviously close to the things that will be leaking from their operations.

Like ive been pointing alot of fingers on the North since i came here.
Since the US midterms and Swedish election are coming up soon.
I think the 2 countries political situation will merge more and more.

By then i beleive more of what im trying to shower is going to be easier to see from other peoples perspective.

Well, I got pissed off about the ignorance of people who never took a moment to read ANY of the drops and condemned those that do that I quit listening to the vid chats and actually thought about quitting here (I had a little help on those feelings, as well). I decided that was silly on my part- their loss if they wouldn’t keep their minds open enough to make some of the connections. Between reading Patel Patriot’s Devolution and then looking at the timeline of many of the drops, it is hard to believe that SOMETHING isn’t up with the intelligence. Too many “co-iinkadinks”, as Dr. Farrell would say.

I will be interested in reading what you thiink because I am confident that it is a global operation. Liike the other covert operations, no branch knows what the others are doing so that you can’t trace the plan… unless, you manage to corner some of the plan MAKERS. The great awakening had to happen before everyone will accept the solution.


LMAO! Hey @Soupcommie I’m always interested in new information; Q is not new. I remember when you first got here & nobody would give you the time of day, except me. The open minds on this forum are so open, they won’t even begin to touch USMCA; oh no, let’s not do that! Never mind that it’s the biggest & one of the few pieces of legislation Trump passed during his term. Yes sirry, Bobby, that document is filled with all kinds of lib laws, but, don’t touch it, you might find something you don’t like…

News, yes, Q no. Whatever else you got, I’m interested, esp. Eriksson.

Thanks for the support, it was a slow start but i really appreciate the traction my threads are getting.
Alot thanks to your interest.

Have you checked out Patel Patriot’s Devolution?
They cover Q drops but its only a fraction of what they base their stuff on.
Its alot of connecting dots and requires some speculation.
But i dont think they are totally off and its worth listening to.

Are you talking to me Soupcommie?

Yeah, sorry i forgot to quote you.

I searched Ericsson on rumble and i was suprised by how many is diving into the report.

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I don’t really watch all the videos, but rather, go straight to financial reports & dig from there.
Although Ericsson is reporting in the billions, as I look at all their holdings, etc., it’s coming up more like trillions. They surpass Apple, Microsoft, even the pharmas & likely Blackrock & others. Quite the organization.

I am new to Giza Death Star but have been listen to JPF for years. IMO we are knee deep in the greatest/2nd greatest pivot point in human history. Yes a massive worldwide coordinated combo sting operation/ disclosure.


Esp with their +50000 patents for core technologies being used in all kinds of industries etc.
(Apple, Google etc pay licence fees to Ericsson to exist online etc)

They also have a poopton of subsidiaries in a bunch of countries.(Saudi Ericsson etc)

Then we have the finnish telecom company Nokia and the Swedish Telia.
Both work to spread out the load of corruption so everything doesnt go directly to Ericsson.

Very well said – thank you! I agree, and can’t really say it better than you have. Nor can I add much, other than to point out that unless someone is involved first-hand in a situation, at this point, a lot of “news” is limited to rumors and hearsay that’s composed of too many personal opinions, and far too often tend to be overly dogmatic, confrontational, and sadly, ego-driven. I came to this forum seeking respite from that tone.

No one in the general public “knows” for sure what’s going on, and sometimes even first-hand knowledge doesn’t even know the truth. It requires an impeccable moral character, a superior track record, personal stability, and a great deal of trust to be privy to that level of knowledge. IMO, (as stated by Dr. Farrell), we are in the middle of a hidden but unfolding and increasingly more visible global war, so, at this point, it’s unnecessary, reckless and dangerous to divulge the plan to the troops (and worst of all - the enemy). In a way, it’s true that this is a giant, global game of chess.

With all the info out there, it’s like a jigsaw puzzle that requires non-judgmental consideration (waiting for more solid conclusions to be drawn at some later point), discernment, and filing the puzzle pieces away for an indefinite but appropriate period of time when a new development in which a particular puzzle piece seems to “fit”. And, without an excellent memory, all of that is futile.

Re: “The great awakening had to happen before everyone will accept the solution”. I also agree. That, coupled with bringing the experience down to the personal level, drives the point home.


Excellent comment and synopsis. Millions of people access the internet daily to publish information for various reasons.

One of the tricks the Wallenbergs have used differation of stocks in their companies.

" Class A shares and Class B shares are two different types of shares in Swedish limited companies . What distinguishes A shares and B shares in a company is how many votes they give the owner at the general meeting. It is common for an A share to give ten times more votes than a B share, exactly how this works should be in the articles of association."

Thats how they on papper can own a few % of a company but control +90% of the boardvotes etc.

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Much the same is done here in USA.

We must struggle to “win” a stalemate

WELCOME to the forum!

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