Regarding Mr Global and his sudden need to move fast, a few thoughts

Wondering why you went through a dry spell on the Forum. I often feel like I need a break, but then I have to check-in and here we go… About Q, I got in late to Q and never got into the drops. I knew a lot of people who talked to me about the info, then all of them felt something happened and things changed - not the original person - something. Another thing that happened was it was named “Hope Porn.” Nevertheless, the idea of waiting … to be recused is still strong. Many I know don’t do or think much, they are waiting for Jesus to return, but you know my position: in the meantime we are supposed to be the light of the world - right?


Ive been here almost daily reading and checking responses.
But ive accepted that i cant or shouldnt try to change anyones opinion.
Idk if im on to something or just fell down another psyop rabbithole.

Whatever is happening has many moving parts and att least 2 competing factions that both seem to hold alot of leverage in every faction of the modern warfare chessboard.
(information 80%/economy 15%/kinetic warfare 5%)

And my pov tells me that whatever we call the deepstate seems to have lost some control over all parts.
However we have no idea whatever tricks they still seem to be holding om(Bluebeam,Cern,haarp?)

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I think the Giza only category is for members with a log in and the Lounge is for paid subscribers. As such technically they should not be searchable.

I share your concerns about the open forum aspect of the other categories. When you join a discussion of the other categories it is my understanding they can be searchable.

One solution for others who share those concerns, is to use the giza only option with tags to hopefully narrow down the topic to specifics.


Yes @Soupcommie DO believe it! They lurk & say nothing until someone else speaks up first.

I don’t think it’s that the deep state lost control, it’s that the different factions within the deep state are starting to lose their unity. As would be predicted by Games Theory as we approach the end game. The benefits to cooperating are greater the more turns are left in the game, but as the end game approaches the benefits to selfish action increases.

Kind of like a game of musical chairs. Whoever happens to have the most power when total control is achieved will be able to lord it over the other factions, and none of them trust the others to be fair.


Sting is doing the stinging ATM :crazy_face:


Sting held a lot of the same opinions as Naomi Wolfe some years back. Perhaps the liberal bias balloon has popped. I sure hope so. Now, if we can shoot down the U2, we might make some headway, but I think they’re too far gone.

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I agree. It is great these people now see the evil which will kill and enslave them too, but they are in the same lobster pot we are and unless they felt threatened, they would still be singing the Blues. BTW, Biden’s support is 11% (Armstrong).

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Oh geez, “But by the grace of God goes thee.”