Robert Kennedy Jr. ... A Giza Collection

Common problem not scraping beyond the surface. I saw a interview via the Duran with Jeffrey Sachs, he speaks eloquent so I thought what is he doing as a professor at Colombia university?

Well, I think his many victims from his economic “shock therapy” are very thankfull for dying from cold and hunger! In the end people like him are even worse than a HCR that can’t even hide behind eloquence.

Meanwhile, people thinking ANY Kennedy isn’t compromised is living the Camelot Disneyland propaganda dream. The financial empire dwarf’s Trump, MANY more behind the scenes characters are involved and three generations of coverups. Think Uncle Ted. We won’t be getting to the bottom of THAT murder, will we?

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Read some articles about Ethel, his mother. Wow. If not a Kennedy, she could have had her children taken by the state for neglect and … - Did I say if not a Kennedy.

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Compromised how???

Soltron. Just internet search Kennedy and read about all the shenanigans of that very typical wealthy and powerful family. It will take a lot of time. For something on the subject Kennedy, check out the Martha Moxey murder. Kennedy/Skakel influence in action.

Don’t get me wrong, am not necessarily against Robert Kennedy, Jr., but the Kennedys have a history that has spawned more salacious novels, documentaries, stories than most anyone. Doubt anyone can be worse than the Brandon Crime Family, however.

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Mr. Kennedy absolutely demolished Sean Vannity over the Ukraine. Hear hear Mr. Kennedy!


Democrats attempt to censor then slander and defame RFK Jr. during this hearing on censorship.

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There is no path to the nomination for RFK Jr. How will he prevent the DNC from taking it from him like it was taken from Bernie?

Trump did not beat the cheat in 2020. How will he beat it in 2024?

The establishment opposes both. Is the enemy of my enemy my friend?

Kennedy wishes to unite the country. Why not partner Trump MAGA conservatives and Kennedy liberals?

Trump Kennedy 2024?

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RFK Jr. pushes back against censorship, sues Youtube:

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"Anthony Fauci and the Public Health Establishment”
Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.
Author, The Real Anthony Fauci: Bill Gates, Big Pharma, and the Global War on Democracy and Public Health

This speech was given on March 5, 2023, during a Hillsdale College CCA seminar on “Big Pharma.”



Related story here :arrow_down:


I had some hopes for the man after his book " the real Fauci".
Sadly more and more information reveals that hes nothing more than CIA shill.
Latest the heartbreaking story of Karen Kingston.
But also his commitment to Israel, pro-abortion, pro gun-control and most of all his support for Hillary Clinton at 3 occasions.
That should tell you everything you need to know.
When stories pop up where he demands all his guests to be vaccinated when he invites to a dinner party, it makes me question what’s going on.
Turns out he’s a good friend of Robert Malone as well; and he admitted on Joe Rogan show to be CIA,FBI,and having contacts in all the alphabet soup agencies.
I heard Malone and Kennedy jr shares understanding on transhumanism and that they are both working for it.
And with that my hopes for the man to be a real alternative to Desatanist and Bidenenko and Trumpsky faded out.


Thank you for sharing your perspective in this thread,
Sphinx. My purpose here is to make space for a spectrum of considered research and opinions. I am in learner mode on the issues you raise. There is a lot to unpack in what you have shared. During my own research, from the first freedom-cauterizing days of Covid, I found a man who pushed back against the lies in a principled manner. For this measure of integrity, I feel he has become a key figure in the US election ahead. Let’s keep the communication lines open.


yes, that’s all good.
But as Dark Journalist has shown with the UFO side of things; CIA loves to do double and triple operations on us.
They might not get the antivaxxers to go get the jab with RFK, but if they can make people buy his stands on all the other things; thats a trade off they can live with.
After all the plans for forced vaxx is still on the table.
Just might have to be pushed with the alien agenda instead; we see it unfold by the day almost now, how they build it up to ; the aliens are here amongst us and they are spreading a virus.
Thank God we have a vaccine ready.
If you do the real fight vs big pharma,as Karen Kingston; you end up hunted and outed.
If you do it the CIA way you get to run for president.


I like the way you think Alicia.

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Now listening to the interview you posted, thank you. I appreciate a candidate who is well-experienced with advocacy law and science, given the issues the American public now faces:


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RFK Jr. tours US border:

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