Robert Kennedy Jr. ... A Giza Collection

Fellow Gizas – RFK Jr. may run for President, so I would like to develop a “one-stop” thread to house and simplify Giza links on RFK Jr., and a place to share relevant viewpoints – determined, evolving, and questioning. I will try to compile past links here, for background information, as well. Here’s my first story, how about yours?

Video Interview with RFK Jr.:

DJ’s history and forecast on a possible RFK Jr. Presidential run in 2024:

Rally To Stop Censorship:

Joseph’s post on RFK Jr. Interview with Tucker Carlson:



Part 2 of the interview will air on 3/14/23. I will post a reminder and a link when I get it.

I am heartened teaching my citizenship class, with faces from around the world discussing and encouraging each other to speak freely, share openly in person, and tell their stories. Sometimes, we have two people translating to get the drift, but we take our time, and we abide in unity in the sheer atmosphere of this liberty. One of my students passed her test last week – she became a U.S. Citizen! We will have her as our honored panelist to Q & A and celebrate her in an upcoming class!

As RFK Jr. shared in Part 1 of the interview, the framers of the Constitution knew all about pandemics. There were many outbreaks that killed thousands at the times of our founding …yet the Fathers decided not to put in an “epidemic” exception clause to our sacred freedoms: speech, assembly, worship, redress, right to a fair trial …

In 1927, Justice Brandeis wrote that:
[t]hose who won our independence believed that the final end of the State was to make men free to develop their faculties… They believed liberty to be the secret of happiness and courage to be the secret of liberty. They believed that freedom to think as you will and to speak as you think are means indispensable to the discovery and spread of political truth…that the greatest threat to freedom is an inert people; that public discussion is a political duty; and that this should be a fundamental principle of the American government. Whitney v. California


Video Interview Part 2, Tool of Tyrants, with RFK Jr.:


:arrow_up: the Founders understood that an uneducated public could easily be manipulated to relinquish their rights.

u know dear Alicia, in Hungary we have an adage on democracy (too, we many many adages):

“Democracy was founded by the wolves for the sheep, so they could vote out the shepherd.”


We have a saying that there is a difference between a shepherd and a hireling. The Good Shepherd laid down His Life for His sheep. His sheep know His voice.

yep. that’s from the Script. but i am a Ram. i see no sheep, only lions in shackles. :wink:

Be well, kalamona. We love President Kennedy, and his brother, Bobby Kennedy, who both died by assasination in service of our country. It is an honor to present and consider the thoughts of his nephew,and Bobby’s son, RFK Jr. Good to see you.


oh, maybe u misunderstood me. i see the Kennedys as lions at the USA stage. Robert as well, and happy for u to have him around. i like him too. but he is certainly not a sheep, but a kind of lion. am i in misperception?
i have been following his work in the last 5-6 years. an astute and perseverant one.

It is the lion in the lamb, the path of servant leadership. And that’s a long conversation. I hope you enjoy the interviews and we’ll talk more, as we go.

for sure. now copy this:

John 15:15

“Henceforth I call you not servants; for the servant knoweth not what his lord doeth: but I have called you friends; for all things that I have heard of my Father I have made known unto you.”

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John F. Kennedy Speech before entering Presidential office:


RFK Jr’s interview with Tucker Carlson about Fauci: Because it was RFK Jr., I watched this one (even though it was on mainstream media, which I almost never watch or listen to). It was an excellent interview.

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3/29/23 In my email today:

4-5-23: Today, RFK Jr. filed a statement of candidacy for President of the United States with the Federal Election Commission

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And RFK, Jr. has annoucned, yesterday, even of Passover as I understand from AP this morning. May the Power of the Heavenly Guard be with him and his family. He can’t do this alone.


I gave a year’s salary to Childrens Health Defense to fight the jab mandate for everyone but I found it a bit difficult due to Kennedy’s stance on Climate Change and radical control over private business; ie, his socialist stance stuck in my throat. :grimacing: When they tried to arrange a phone call, I said “no thanks”. I did my good thing let’s leave it at that.

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Thanks for weighing in, Justa. Yes, I posted this article above, as well.

Sorry, I missed that one @DrAliciaHill. Pretty thorough review. I think people will have a tendency to go with the name and not necessarily review all the information available. Thanks for compounding it here.

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