Scripting Our Kids: How To Make a Child Crazy

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Here, I would like to see collected pieces to expose and push back on mandated kid insanity.

Brief recap: In the name of public health, the government closed the school doors, in Spring, 2020. The kids were masked and forced to learn on computers; they were isolated at home, as captives. They became mentally ill. It is now Fall, 2022. The government has re-opened the school doors. Mentally ill kids have returned to their school buildings. They now need the government to help them emotionally and socially with a “saving” academic program, to help them function without cognitive dissonance – the very dissonance caused by their “benevolent” captors. Trauma-bonded to a mandated socio-emotional school learning program, wed to the burgeoning health care insanity, the kids are now data-tracked and dependent upon the profit centers of “salvific” ed technology.

Here is my first story…How about yours?

Dr. Scott Atlas pushes back hard on Fausti’s pandemic school policy:

“What was the motivation to flip flop multiple times with policy?” This question referred to Fausti’s changing stance on pandemic school closures.

Backstory here:

Senator Rand Paul’s December, 2020, pushback on Fausti’s school policy:

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The American Academy of Pediatrics and Children’s Hospital Association are asking the federal government to declare a state of emergency.

Their rationale is that COVID-19-related behaviors and rules have led to an uptick in Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV) infections. “We’re caring for more kids than we have beds for.”

Dr. James Schneider, a chief of pediatric intensive care, continued:

Over the past couple of years, we instituted restrictions on our behavior [because of the pandemic] – masking, social distancing, school closures – there was very little transmission of these easily transmissible respiratory viruses. There’s not as much immunity in the community to RSV."