Scripting Our Kids: How To Make a Child Crazy

A truly daunting goal.
As it is so intrinsic to “their” system;
in more ways than many can even imagine.

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The Canadian Mama Bears Project has compiled a list of web sites of various groups that want to protect kids. Some deal with the slavery question; others deal with the woke and other issues. Child Related Websites – Mama Bears Project

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Pushback on sales of fetal body parts – Judicial Watch files amicus briefs on behalf of CMP:

The DOJ’s deleted text on child trafficking:

Muslims in Canada plan a “Million-Person March” to push back on gender ideology in schools:

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NCTSN: The Impact of COVID-19 on Child Sex and Labor Trafficking

The National Child Traumatic Stress Network resource describes how the impact and consequences of COVID-19 increase the risk of involvement in sex or labor trafficking:

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The Illuminati Formula to Create an Undetectable Total Mind
Control Slave

by By Fritz Springmeier & Cisco Wheeler

With thanks to Fighting Monarch.


Tom Fitton reports for Judicial Watch:


With thanks to Undine.

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Hurray for Matt Walsh , he nails the issue !

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Kids, especially vulnerable to mental health decrements linked to cell phone usage, studies here:

Note to self: October 4, 2023, wrap my cell in foil and place in my Faraday bag. Why? Some sort of scheduled National Emergency Test. Question: Why are they testing our phones? To protect us? So, for protection, will they be testing the phones of our fellow citizens in, say, Hawaii?


Apartment complex did new smart phone app to get into complex.
As a bus rider, I’m out of that loop.
Fortunately, just need a key to get into the gate. But those with cars have no choice.
They require a smart phone to get inside.
Is this the way of the future?
Access require compliance?

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RB, good to see you. I’m so glad you have mechanical key access. I’m thinking, too, of the increasingly digitalized employee badges for access to their workplaces/equipment.

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Maybe they’ll bring back car phones!

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Like the employee shot mandates.
Not too long for the inserted-chip, employee mandates?
No manual gas cars?
More and more control being taken away from the individual, by the group - via digital technologies?
And the group need not be large - only in power?

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And then the overarching topic here: the kids! School i.d. badges,
academic records, cumulative health files . . .

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Parents alerted not to post kids’ photos online: