Significant omens: bridge in Rome destroyed by fire

It’s not often that an iron bridge is destroyed by fire. This was on the night of Oct. 2nd. This cast-iron road bridge, built in the 1860s, is a few yards away from the parallel rail bridge connecting the southern Rome and airport lines. Apart from the specific causes and timing (mayoral elections being held on Oct. 3rd), this is a significant omen. The popes have adopted (unduly, I would aver) the ancient title of “pontifex” which means bridge builder, signifying the link between the spiritual and the material realms. Could this mean that their epoch is well and truly over… (video below shows moment of collapse).


Omen in England: Thomas Sheridan comments on the killing of the white stag that wandered into an urban area near Liverpool:


I’m glad someone (thank you Dana) made the connection with “pontifex”.

That was my first thought upon reading the news.

Of all the falling bridges in Italy, the one in Rome goes under - whatever the cause, it is an ominous… omen.

It is the end of civilisation, I am tempted to say it is kinda exciting witnessing it, were it not for the lot behind all of it.


Looks like the beginning of the end of the “dark cult”.


EXACTLY, Dana!!!


Technically( and One only quotes One’s own Tradition( s)), omens must come in groups of 3, as they most often refer to the immanent future, or at least imminent Now. What you here reference is a Sign. Just as valid, of course, in its own way. Scary, too, naturally.

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Swiss Guards are currently resigning and being suspended, ostensibly over the “jab pass” issue, but reportedly because they are not recognizing Bergoglio’s authority. The Vatican has another security service, but who can tell how this will play out.


Don’t understand this. Are there any links you can share with which to educate myself on the spiritual meaning, terms like - white stag, dark cult, the omens of, or signs?


The linked video about the white stag is interesting, though not related directly with the Rome situation, just another of those events reported by the media that have symbolic aspects worth looking into.

Another strange event in Italy. Yesterday, Oct. 3rd, a small plane crashed into a fortunately empty building in a heavily populated Milan suburb, killing all 8 on board (including a Romanian millionaire and his microbiologist son…). Just a few more yards difference could have had much worse results. The building is located on a street called Via 8 Ottobre 2001, named after a serious plane crash at the Milan airport that killed over 100. That accident took place almost exactly 20 years ago, on 8 am of October 8th 2001.


Coincidence, Dana, surely… as many a defunct scientist might tell you…


Yikes! That is another crazy thing!

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iron is burning?
very nice


magyarul (in hungarian):

ég a vas

(aeg a wash :wink: