By now we’ve all heard of the disastrous, and sad, fires on Maui that have wiped out hundreds of people’s homes, livelihoods, and tragically ended the lives of many. If you’re wondering why I’ve not commented until now, it is because like many of you, I’m shocked and saddened that these fires caused so much…


I am beginning to see that the THEY is the military industrial corporations who are at the bidding of other corporate criminals like BlackRock and Vanguard.


In-fraction war of deep state for sure.
By the way, talking about strange happenings in nature. I am currently on the work assignment in SW Florida, my first time there, and I noticed strange things here, almost complete absence of bugs and other little creatures around. Even locals who live here for years are commenting on it. 5G on overdrive or something else???


I don’t know which region of SW Florida you are in; however, the absence of bugs you described could be a result of the soil being baked. Southern Florida, most notably the area south and west of Lake Okochobee is one of three areas in the country where black dots appeared on a daily basis. Both NOAA and NASA Band-7 provide cloud and land surface infrared temperature data with black being the hottest. During the course of each day, I estimate there may have been a thousand or more dots appearing and disappearing all over the region. Many produced smoke plumes when viewed on Band -2 (Visible).

The three regions of Daily Scattered DEW (as opposed to Concentrated DEW) are:

  • Lake Okochobee Florida: Large agricultural region
  • Lower Mississippi River Valley: Large rice growing region
  • Eastern Kansas: Large grain growing region

Not all black dots produced smoke. I haven’t visited the regions, nor do I have eyewitness accounts save a few in Arkansas. I read some local news articles to see if there is something more I can learn.

I have posted about this before.

Back to the bugs. Super-heated soil would kill all the organisms at the top; to what depth, though, I cannot say, but those organisms are needed in the soil. I can’t draw any conclusions from your one report; however, I have been waiting to find articles of this nature (soil/microbe issues) from each of the three regions where this has been going on for a while.

Perhaps while on assignment, you can look into the bug thing from this angle. Ask about fires in the region. I know there were a lot of prescribed burns in the parks down there.


Hawaii has a September event coming up.

Edit… Maui - Plans for A High Tech Prison Island?


Some occultist action for sure, broken down, 5 minutes in for the second video. The serpent seed at work telling you what they will be doing in the first one. DEW!!


Thanks for posting this!! :two_hearts:


Praying for the monsters responsible to be brought to justice.
“If you know what lives there - what descendants live there you’ll know why” - any idea who she means and why they were attacked?


Prescribed burns don’t get up to the temperatures you are describing. They aren’t intended to kill the roots of the plants, just burn off the weeds and seeds (leaves and stalks). Insects are usually able to bury in or fly out of the fires.


@justawhoaman Agreed. Also, intentional burning of fields and crops at end of season do not reach those temperatures. I appreciate you mentioning this because I did not make my point completely.

@QVBB The reason I mentioned prescribed burns is because I believe they are a mechanism to mask use of the DEW. While the forest service is making a prescribed burn, “they” can give them extra heat without anyone being the wiser, including the forest service workers. I bet some of those workers have been scratching their heads about how hot the fires got.

Prescribed burns and crop burnings are an excellent cover. Were there prescribed fires in the area you are talking about?


I am a farmer/rancher. Prescribed burns are a way to improve your crops without pesticides. Your constant monitoring of these hot spots have convinced me that they are still going for their Agenda 30 plans. I actually believe that date follows a Biblical, also Satanic/occultic number- 7 years of turmoil that we just stepped into ending at 2030. If they don’t make it, and it looks like they are inn trouble, they will be done. This is why you have to proceed each day with God at your side.


The pair of spectacles through which I view life has two lenses–the larger one is the Bible and the smaller one, the Constitution. The latter can be amended, the former cannot. The book of Job is most instructive, as it shows that Satan must come before God for permission to afflict us and the world. I also believe we are in the period of the birth pangs as described in Matthew 24. I don’t know how long they will last before the great tribulation period begins. At some point, God will rapture the saints (not going into eschatological viewpoints).

My point is that God is in full control; all of these things and events fulfill His purposes, to include the evil ones. What blows my mind is that biblical end times are coming into fruition via TECHNOLOGY. 5G, AI, Skylink, transhumanism, etc., etc., are… biblical. All these lies. All these liars. Part of the program.

Yes, burning fields is an ancient and proven method to improve soil and remove pests; fire is organic. As you know, grass, crops, grasses, remnant stalks, etc., have very little mass. This kind of fire: (1) burns relatively cool (as compared to forest trees); (2) exhausts the fuel quickly; and (3) cools off quickly. Grass fires even more so since they burn in a line. Grass and crop fires, the non-DEW ones, should not even register an elevated infrared temperature level on the satellites. Why do I say that? Because time after time, I watched raging forest wildfires cool off at night, once the DEW hits stopped. The black dots would turn to lighter shades of gray, sometimes even blending with the background heat signature. So… those big trees, with all that mass, still burn and smolder with glowing coals, for hours and days, depending on conditions. These succeeding remnants of the formerly intense forest inferno do not register infrared black, yet, YET, grass and crop fires can and do flip on and off black in 5 or 10 minutes. Well, they DEW because heat is being added.


If they are predicting more deaths why on earth can’t they be saving more people ? I understand about rural areas etc but in these modern times…

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Simple. “They” are not benevolent. And “these modern times” have produced technology, weapon systems really, that enables them to pursue evil.


The THEY here are so inherently evil that all that they want is cleared off island to create their prison- 15 minute one.


Dry Hurricane winds, no warning systems, water turned off, electricty systems left on (Washington Post). Wind blows down electrical HT cables and transformers …regular patterns of fires, causing potential exotic theories of cause to dissemble and distract. When the hurricane was expected, the fuel was ready, ignition was ready and counter measures stood down…LIHOP letting something happen on purpose…mostly untraceable and unaccountable catastrophe. Fire triangle completed[ O2+fuel+ignition source] …simples. Recalling Catherine Austin Fitts and how development zones are created through corruption, why not through disaster as well.


AMAZON JUST RELEASED BOOK :closed_book: N MARI WILDFIRES Fire and Fury: The Story of the 2023 Maui Fire and its Implications for Climate Change

Just released



Although I agree with you re: your scenario, take a look at the trees and where houses used to stand, etc. If you haven’t watched @Dooderonomy and repost by @sharick video of the forensic arborist explaining why no leaves, etc. were burned, you might want to consider watching it.

I live on the edge of East TX forest and I guarantee you, the leaves and trees are going to burn. Not in Paradise and not on Maui, in which car windshields literally melted. This was not a natural fire, IMO.