Synthetic Aperture Radar Doppler Tomography Reveals Details of Undiscovered High-Resolution Internal Structure of the Great Pyramid of Giza

Paper in “Remote Sensing” on synthetic aperture radar (SAR) examination of Great Pyramid using micromovements to create 3D tomography…


Wonderful find Dana. Many thanks.

Thanks for posting. Highly intriguing data produced by these researchers. And interesting speculation about resonance / water. My mind was unable to integrate the data into JPF’s Death Star weapon hypothesis though. Not to say these new data either support or detract from the weapon theory. They just add a lot more complexity that will need to be integrated in time.

Is this the same chamber that the scan pyramids project detailed?

According to Eric Wilson, a Rolls-Royce engineer, the chamber could be a pre amp that would need to contain quartz sand. That would add weight to Christopher Dunns machine hypothesis at least, and goes some way to explain a potential use for it no matter the hypothesis
starts about 48:13

I’ve always been under the assumption that any and all research coming out of the complex is controlled by British Freemasonry. Any opinions?