Take a train, or a ship, but not the injections


Those who know me well - including some of my friends who are pilots - know that I do not fly. Period. End of discussion. I don’t fly. When queried about why, I will respond with some variation on the theme “Because it’s just not safe,” whereupon my interlocutor will counter with the usual arguments…


Yeah… I think a mutual aquintance should think hard and long about her frequent flights back and forth the USA and Europe. As much as I like her in steering things up on both continents, a choise is arising which is the safest and most beneficial continent to do it from! All next to where you actually want to be, if I had to take a quess = both continents.

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I’m with you Doc … When those 2 planes recently collided on a runway in Japan … that’s the FIRST thing that crossed my mind … Adding to that … whenever I have flown … within 3 days I have come down with “some thing” that has completely levelled me … Travelling in an aluminium tube between 32 - 37,000 ft with 300 humans (cattle class) breathing … coughing … eating and spewing with all that gorgeous recycled air … and KNOWING that the pilots have been compromised = NO WAY!! …



We, too, have experienced getting sick when flying in the past. Always, without fail, sick within 3 or 4 days of landing at the destination. We haven’t flown recently, but our friends who have flown anywhere have reported getting sick, regardless of their taking injections and masking.

I have sometimes wondered (especially after perusing material by Elana Freeland and Dane Wiggington) whether some small amount of pathogens get sprayed into airline cabins, for the passengers to breathe. It’s perhaps sheer crazy to wonder such a thing, but with the number of people getting sick after they fly, and all the nefarious genocidal stuff going on worldwide at multiple levels and layers, I’m open to even entertaining that idea, especially with the aggressive chemtrail operations going on worldwide now.


I second you @Ellie with this Matt Walsh Twitt. DEI at its finest. O tempora!, o mores!

Ladies and gentlemen, meet the “dream team” at the manufacturer that made the plane door that just blew off in the middle of a flight pic.twitter.com/gZ2AboGnpR

— Matt Walsh (@MattWalshBlog) January 11, 2024

… but wait, there’s more …

The AARP just told its 38 million members to get an eighth (yes, EIGHTH!) shot of mRNA.


This from the comment section pretty much sums it up: “AARP is helping seniors like Planned Parenthood is helping babies.”


8th booster??? Absolutely unreal… and unnecessary.


I can 2nd @Scarmoge. I’ve got it via an invitation to join AARP.

Will probably cause dna strands to start unspooling like noodles.

If there was ever a time to not fly it’s now. Aside from the possibility of a pilot dropping dead, we are also confronted with scheduling issues … that the airlines will never admit has to do with a pilot shortage.

Add to that the fact that, between Homeland and the travel industry, flying is just plain miserable. Overcrowding. Long lines. Massive delays and cancelations. Tiny seats. And increasingly outrageous passenger behavior. What’s not to hate?


Haven’t been in a plane for years, might never fly again.


Wow. Listen to this conversation between a pilot and a female airtraffic contoller. Her arrogance and the way she talks down on that pilot. She is in the wrong profession.

Another reason to keep your feet on the ground.

Every few years my husband and I travel to Paris, France and we always get sick with a bad cold or virus when we get home…

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What a incredible question to ask brother, very wise indeed. This would be the perfect place to poison people, and nobody would suspect.

If i where you, i would investigate deeply the ramifications of this possibility being true.

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Anyone know if any commercial pilots successfully said no to the vax while keeping their jobs ?

Epoch Times is now reporting that China is updating its arsenal designed to spread toxic covid "vaccines via a dry, inhalable powder. None of us are safe.

"Scientists from China have made an aerosol-based inhalable vaccine against COVID-19, which they claim provides “effective protection” against infection based on animal trials.

The study, published in the Nature journal on Dec. 13, involved researchers testing “an inhalable, single-dose, dry powder aerosol SARS-CoV-2 vaccine” that they developed. The vaccine uses nanoparticles and contains SARS-CoV-2 antigens, or substances that trigger the immune system to generate antibodies against it. Researchers designed the vaccine to target multiple COVID-19 lineages. The particles were one to four micrometers in size, optimized to be deposited in the deep lung region.


Oh, ain’t “science” great?

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