The injections: batches and placebos confirmed

And you where saying something?


Dont forget that there was a place where covid basicly didnt exist.
Maybe the eye of the storm?


What are “hot lots”?

Did not know Jim passed away this month.

It is what they call vaccine shipments that are more contaminated or of more concentrated strength. There is some evidence that certain areas of US (i.e. high income neighborhoods or areas politically sensitive to the Powers That Be) got weaker lots of vaccines, so they had fewer deaths & adverse effects.

On COVID, I usually only follow dissident scientists, not random online pundits, and they were discussing “hot lots” some months ago.

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I can confirm your information. I was studying some high quality information from many sources, mostly germany, saying that there is indeed pfizer documents confirming different types of vaccines, some of them were even pure water.

Governments paid for water, can you believe it?

One thing that is interesting, since people are unwilling to take the vaccine, and others, are cheating, they are making a vaccine that has some kind of nano particles in it, that can be detected eletronically, so that is impossible to cheat about haven taken it, or not.

It will be connected with a global database, to be released in the next fake plandemic, in 2024, after the countries sign the Pandemic Treaty, giving away all their Sovereignty to the World Death Organization, and it will be connected with various kinds of sensors, so that you won´t be able to enter another country, by plane, if you haven´t taken it. You wont be even able to get out of your own country.

The final target of this technology is to don´t let you get out even from your own house, trough the use of smart devices conected via 5G to the global database.

This second stage is to be implemented after 2030, and before 2036.

Brother, or sister, do you know where the books of the great Stefan Lanka can be obtained?

It is sister, and no, I don’t - I have heard of him. I follow the genomics scientist Kevin McKernan (who discovered the contaminants in the shots, among many, many other warnings) and others, like Brook Jackson, the whistleblower who spoke about poor manufacturing processes, and Sasha Latypova, Ph.D.

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With regard to Lanka, instead of disbelieving in viruses (I know about Dr Tom Cowan, Dr Andy Kaufman & terrain theory), I follow a doctor on Substack who says that diseases like measles, when you have them as a child, like chickenpox, actually protect by building one’s immunity. This doctor studies the work of doctors from the past because he or she (they remain anonymous so they won’t lose their license to practice) believes there is often wisdom to be found there. (The Forgotten Side of Medicine on Substack)

Also, Dr Zach Bush has very good videos that explains that part of the human genome has been affected in the past by viruses and we have built-in responses to protect us. Part of our current makeup was created by our ancestors having survived these viruses. It’s beyond my capacity to explain simply, but he does very well.


Where do you follow the work of those persons, sister? I want to know about them.

This substack doctor, how can i study his work? Very interesting this perspective.

You can answer your own request by doing a web search on the names given in above post.


Substack is a platform, like Twitter or Rumble, whatever; the doctor calls his site “Forgotten Side of Medicine,” as Bill10558 says, I posted it.

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The National Citizens Inquiry (Canada) heard a 3-hour virtual testimony (under oath) from Dr. William Makis, MD, a Canadian oncologist, who talked about government data manipulation and deletion. He also testified as to the new aggressive cancers with patterns that he has never seen in his career as an oncologist, and talked about possible mechanisms in the injection products that could account for these aggressive patterns. This testimony is comprehensive and meticulous in the details presented, all of which have supporting documentation in the “Exhibits”.

Testimony: Dr. William Makis - September 18, 2023 - #NCI Virtual Testimony

Exhibits – Filed under “Virtual Testimony - September 18, 2023: Dr. Viliam Makis”: Exhibits - National Citizen's Inquiry - Canada's Response To Covid-19


Thank you for posting Dr Cole. He’s such a calm but authoritative spokesman.

I read Kevin McKernan and his group call the cancers Dr Cole is mentioning “turbo cancers.” Some time ago, he noted Pfizer had purchased a company that deals with oncology, called it an “onco-acquisition,” in anticipation?


There are some pdf’s out on the usual pdf spots at least, and theres some books on Ebay i know of.

thank you my dear. I will check it out

Worrying post by Dr Kat Lindley on X about Dr Cole.