The injections: batches and placebos confirmed


Back during the planscamdemic, I and a few others around the world, including our friend and colleague Catherine Austin Fitts, all came to certain conclusions about what was going on based on our observations of the behavior and pronouncements of “authorities”, “experts”, and the big pharma companies. Our “scenario” (making allowances for slight differences from…


and forget not.
no to the so called ‘medical community’ who just went along with these outright and insane lies, and did not do their homework. brought millions to death by their ‘expertise’.
and we were called the liars, the concoctionists, the conspiracy-theorists, the wrong-thoughts, the heretics, those who do not follow ‘science’.
my wife works in the medical community, and by now, day after day, strokes, infarcts, rapidly developing cancers, neurisms, various skin problems, organ failures are popping out all across from 20 to 70-80some ages, otherwise very healthy people. all jabbed (94-95%).


and you just mention the ‘Jews’. but it is a funny meme.
though we do have to forgive or this endless cycle of maniac violence and power-grab continues.
when the AIPAC and the ADL are chanting that they do not forget, it means they do not forgive. those people even sued God after the WW II in a rabbinic court for the Holocaust, and condemned Him.!!!
just for a moment, imagine yourself being born in a rabbinic environment. imagine the pressure, the coercing, the level of insulation and isolation from any healthy view.
i had (have?) a friend who was brought up in the strictest orthodoxy in Jerusalem. a very kindhearted Israelite of the finest ‘breed’. with blond curly hair, white skin, blue eyes. he cried at the night of our common friend’s marriage, that “i cannot escape it”. his tears were flowing down on his beautiful face. his father is one of the very much high-ups. he told me that i cannot imagine what he goes through, saying he wants to escape but he has nowhere to go, since ‘they’ will find him or, at last, will kill him.
and i believed him, since he was most sincere and honest, otherwise always composed and of utmost education, a most noble heart.
why do i write these things down? for compassion, ‘Hundred-Eyes’. that night burned into me like thousands of nights. even now my eyes fill with tears of remembrance, pain and of joy.
‘let there be light’


We are so overdue for a change in the health paradigm. Healing can be natural.

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Generally concept of forgiveness in Christianity applies only for those who ask for forgiveness, meaning owning their trespasses and wanting to repair the damage. Narcissistic TPTB will never do that for multitude od reasons, so they don’t get forgiveness for the atrocities they committed.


that is clearly not what Jesus taught us. on one half it is. but that is on the other one. not on urself. if u keep that jolt inside of u, it breaks u down as well.
so on the ‘inside’, which is ‘U’, one has to let all these go.
on the outer side, it is necessary to ask for-giveness.
not a worldly position for sure. but between.

just answer my question please after all these corroborations of the gods/angels/elohim or whatever.
what does Yisrael mean in the original Hebrew?
that is all i asked. please answer. and i do wait for an etymological answer. as Martin Luther said: "Theology is etymology.’
so please answer my question. whta does Israel/Yisrael mean in original Hebrew?

since they also have to abide by the rules. let that sink in.
just as Ti Quan Yin…
the rules of the wheel/cross is all the same for mortals and immortals.
and please, do not dodge or ditch.
stick to the answer

I agree Doctor. Everything you have written here is true, and exactly so from word to word. From letter to letter. It may seem a little dry, and after the outcome written but it is true. It should be preserved for future generations. Which generations are closer than we expect. They need to know who and what is the modus operandi of the murderers of the human race.Full respect to you Doctor and what you have written here.I was and still am one of the supporters against mandatory vaccination with anti-covid vaccines. In my country, we managed not to reach that level of mandatory vaccination. So that I know in detail what and how this is what you are writing about. Everything is true. But I have a feeling they won’t stop here. This plandemics thing we just passed is just phase 1 in my opinion. I have a strange premonition that phase 2 and phase 3 are in order. Soon. In 2024, which is somehow important to them from what I see, or in 2026, so it’s up to 2030. Taking into account Biden’s statements that in the near future many hospital beds will be filled with Alzheimer’s patients. Or the statements of a certain American-Jewish doctor Vladimir Zelenko that everything will be clear when people start dropping dead in the streets like flies. They will probably then say that this is now some “new virus”, a “new pandemic” and again new “vaccines” etc.Strange that Vladimir Putin,Volodimr Zelensky,Vladimir Zelenko ,all Vladimir’s. :thinking: Taking in consideration what their names mean in Slavic languages, or roughly translated their names mean governors,or rulers of peace or over the peace,or in Russian mir means also the world, or better peace over the world i.e Earth,or even peacefull world or Earth. But time will tell. :man_shrugging:

this Vladimir guy was a good one.
but u still haven’t provided an able understanding of Israel. fighting in the woods. still avoiding the grammar. i learnt it for 11 years. you learnt and know nothing. told ya: i won’t accept these gnostic bullroar of ‘how deep and how fancy this Israel is!’. u cannot even analyze the word itself. quite a telltale
:point_up: :rofl:
and please cut the bla-blah. Yisrael is not about contending, it never was.

This population reduction control system has occurred throughout human history, It almost looks like their system of control cannot manage human population over certain number of people! Is it crazy to think that perhaps, the so called junk DNA in our body actually serves a preprogrammed propose? And maybe, this control system tied to our DNA via frequencies is designed to control certain number of us. When human population goes above the system’s threshold it starts having issues. So, by design the system starts purging, I have worked in computer industry for over 30 years. When a computer system runs out of disk space, the tech tries to clean the drive by removing unwanted programs. This is nothing shorter than what is going on with humanity on earth,


you are going in the right direction.

So far, the information suggests their system has “limits”. A control limit. I remember Doctor Farrell talked about how humanity in the beginning was multiplying like rabbits! This prompted an action by so called GODs. They clearly have issues with overall numbers of people on earth. Has anyone looked into the book called “The ring-makers of Saturn”? Those rings are being made according to this book which has NASA pictures. The rings are producing a sound frequency captured by NASA space crafts. This sound frequency is so vast that puts our planet in a zone. Could this be the quarantine zone mentioned in some old texts?


As I mentioned in the 2015 Secret Space Program conference, and again in many interviews, there are two traditions of the boundary of the quarantine zone. One is at the orbit of our Moon, the other is at the orbit of the seventh, or outermost, planet which was known at that time, which was, of course Saturn (counting the Sun as a planet)


I´ve been hearing about this book since 2008. Where can i find it? Your hipothesis is very logic to me, and recent studies of mine lend credit to the notion of a zone of vibrational control by some kind of external entity to the human species.

The book is by Norman Bergrun. It has NASA Saturn pictures showing some sort of massive craft producing the rings. One NASA picture shows a massive ship putting out what Norman Bergrun calls “pinched plasma”. These rings are creating a massive sound wave that engulfs a region of space like a bubble. Our earth is in that bubble. It is massive!
The book is very expensive. You can find it on Amazon. I recommend reading it as well as Doctor Farrell’s books and his talks about Plasma.
Here is the link for it:

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Doctor Farrell,

Is humanity in a prison? Some one has gone through a massive, huge, undertaking to create this system.


The Western scientists I’ve followed since 2020, part of the so-called “mouse crew” & their colleagues, many of them banned or shadow banned under the old regime, have been posting on Twitter for some time about “hot lots,” mostly in the US, because as whistleblower Brook Jackson pointed out, even Good Manufacturing Practices were not followed.


Why the need to book an appointment? :thinking: