The new book is up at adventures unlimited

Ok folks… David Childress has posted the new book on Adventures Unlimited Press’ website. BE AWARE that the book will not be printed until August!


Thank you. At least it is preferable to waiting until September 10 to get it from Amazon. $8.50 Shipping (ouch)


How about an ebook in the meantime?

I do NOT permit any of my books to be sold as ebooks.


I know just kidding.


I have the actual hard copy and the available Kindle versions of your books (1 PDF from AUP of Secrets of the Unified Field, not on Kindle).
Since you do not include an index in the books, I use the Kindle’s search function and find it very helpful. I understand your viewpoint but I also have the books themselves. (including the LULU self published ones)
Amazon lists this book at 160 pages. The description from AUP lists so many topics covered it will either have a smaller font or Joseph was able to convey enough depth in these few pages, or both?


just kidding. or not?

3 months to print? interesting editor’s choice.

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Gotta let the trees grow a bit more to make enough paper.


I preordered it and got the current book sent to my US (Irish Postal Service provided) address. We will see how long it takes to get here and how much customs and VAT I pay. But at least the shipping is the same as the US, plus a Euro or two (depending on weight). I also got a couple of PDF e-books; I hope this can be allowed for more books because it is easier than getting the physical books to the EU, or at least faster. I know the print books are the only official ones but I suspect the PDF’s from this publisher are likely to be correct copies.


Good point about AUP’s PDFs being correct copies Melodi. Secrets of the Unified Field certainly is.

Very funny Bill!

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I understand Dr. Farrell’s stance on ebooks, but if someone is going to have an ebook, a PDF is definitely more reliable: once you’ve got the PDF in your possession, the publisher can no longer tinker with it at all. Compare that to a Kindle ebook or an article on a website…

True enough about PDFs. Since I reread the books and Kindle often (I never get tired of Joseph’s books and use the search function frequently) I have yet to find any discrepancies. It would have been nice if he would have provided indexes. I have a large library of books and documents on my Amazon devices. I understand your preference. I am not concerned about changes in texts. I am more realistically concerned about banks electronic control of your accounts, mortgages and debts regardless of CBDCs.

I use Kindle a lot, and it is easier to navigate (for me, anyway) than a PDF. But I also understand Joseph’s position and that my husband’s work was stolen on several occasions, especially in the early days of the internet. But I prefer a PDF option to a hard copy-only option. Due to finances and international borders, it means I read fewer of books if they are only in hard copy. Having a PDF is a nice option, even though sometimes I do buy a hard copy later when I can.

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I think the cover is awesome! That publisher certainly has style.

Well yes, parasites. Those parasites must process this.
It takes time.They exist. :thinking:
But more about this on another occasion. This is neither the time nor the place.
I also need time to form my thoughts concisely. :smirk:

Just for your information dogsbreth, this was one of only two covers I’ve ever given very specific and explicit instructions to the cover artist re. colours, hues. and specific objects and arrangements, in this case, the pyramid and the depiction of the angel on the cover, not to mention the colours and hues. I absolutely concur that the artist captured my vision and instructions to the “T”. The other cover I gave specific instructions on elements, style, and colours was Thrice Great Hermetica…


Ordered it and the new Giza Revisited book. Thank you! xo Jen

@bluefalken About indexes: I remember from working in book publishing that the publisher was usually the one who decided (at least ultimately) whether a book got an index. Indexing added time and expense to the production process – and the expense, like copyediting and proofreading, would get deducted from the author’s future royalties.

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That’s quite correct Fiatlux. What most people do NOT get is that I’ve literally had to do ALL the formatting and editing for virtually all my books. Publishers anymore do not do ANYTHING other than act as middlemen to the printer… editors, proof-readers, indexes, are things of the past. I’ve tried to compensate by using analytical tables of contents.