The Second Coming of Trump the Savior | Know More News LIVE w/ Adam Green & Donnie Darkened

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It’s this kind of crap that makes me sick to my stomach.
NOBODY knows what this mans’ intentions truly are, except him & TPTB.
(“Savior”, my fat, white Irish @$$…)


70 years, 7 months, and 7 days after Trump’s birth, he would be inaugurated as the 45th president of the United States. 7 months after his inauguration, the Great American Eclipse would occur on August 21, 2017, and would divide the US in half in a 7 year period.
The 2017 eclipse also passes through 7 cities named Salem.

the 2024 eclipse passes through 7 cities named Salem as well.

Jerusalem was also called Salem in Genesis and Pslams.

There are many other Mysteries and Connections with the eclipses.

On the 14th of June 1946 during a blood moon, Donald J. Trump was born in Queens, New York. Infamous occultist Aleister Crowley sent a letter to fellow Thelemite John McMurty that the members Jack Parsons, L Ron. Hubbard, and others were producing a “Moon Child”
Qanon. Space Force. Coronavirus. The Storm. Warp Speed. The Rise of Alien UFOs. The Black Cube.

Donald means “world ruler” in Scottish Gaelic, and Trump means “the usurping ace”.

The Moonchild is the secular Masonic Chosen One that is the biblical Anti-Christ.

In the years since, Masonic Hollywood has released scores of iconic films featuring arcane esoteric references to Donald Trump himself, and waving him in with the lore of other related events of deep occult importance.

There is a fascinating connection with Donald Trump to the numbers 88, 777, 888, 911 to name a few.

700 days after Trump’s birth, the modern state of Israel would be promptly founded on 5/14/1948.

The Great American Solar Eclipses entered over the 33rd state and exiting over the 33rd parallel. Trump looked up and watched it from the White House, without any eclipse shades.

On the second anniversary of the Great American Eclipse (8/21/2019), Donald Trump made the proclamation “I Am the Chosen One” and went on that same day to tweet that he likened himself to the “second coming of god” and the “king of Israel”, which are all extreme blasphemies.

On 10/15/2017 Donald Trump made a cryptic remark saying that the time represented “The Calm Before The Storm”. When asked by a reported what he meant, he said “You’ll find out” and winked his eye.

Donald Trump has also cryptically spoken the “Snake Poem” multiple times to his followers at his rallies. The final line that Trump heavily emphasizes after the woman receives the “viscous bite” is “You knew damn well I was a snake, before you let me in!”

When asked by political commentator Frank Luntz if he ever asks God for forgiveness, he coldly responds “that’s a tough question” and goes on to say that he identifies as a “protestant” and that his pastor was “the late great Vincent Peele” = a 33rd Degree Freemason.

On 4/29/21 Donald Trump proclaimed himself as “the father of the vaccine”. Under Trump’s tenure as president, Operation Warp Speed was procured to usher in the Coronavirus vaccines to the world and on 5/15/20 Trump likened this development project to the “2nd Manhattan Project”.

The logo for Trump’s Operation Warp Speed features a Coronavirus molecule representing the Corona Gate, and the Saturn’s Cube representing Donald’s desire to lead humanity through “warp speed” into combat against God in Heaven by issuing the Mark of the Beast and…

The Abraham Accord Coin, which is the Antichrist’s Peace Plan with Israel. Notice that Saturn (in connection with the Cube) is at the tip of the sword; the false-peace dove is heading to God as a signal that the Endgame war of the Great Tribulation is ready to commence.

Donald Trump is infamous for throwing his signature 666 hand gesture and has done it countless times. The other gestures done often by Trump are the index figure pointing up to heaven and the Thelemic Fire gesture.

The elite 2019 Viareggio Parade in Italy featured a massive living image of Donald Trump that featured a rotating body, shifting eyes, and a moving clawed hand. The Trump statue held a flaming sword that read “Dazi Vostri” meaning “Your Duties”.

The hilt of this sword featured the All-Seeing Eye in the Triangle, an infamous Masonic symbol of YHWH El (God) with the Saturnian 8-pointed star. Lower down is a crescent moon; both depictions make the Star and Crescent as an iconic divinity symbol.

TRUMP = 88, Code 88 is found in relation to the Twin Towers which represent the Masonic Twin pillars standing for the Sun and the Moon analemmas. Both combined make the Eclipse, that is the Open Gate of God. The Saturn’s Cube is directly tied with this…

I’m sure you can disregard all this things as pure coincidence?

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I disregard NOTHING, but know that DJT is NOT the savior (note the small caps).

While I completely disagree with what was done to him at his home in FL, We The People are supposed to save Our Country! THIS IS ONE BIG GANG FIGHT FOR OUR COUNTRY & THE WORLD! When will people get this through their puny heads?!


Well, if you actually watched the video, the savior here is meant in a derogatory fashion. It entertains the notion that Trump could be the prophesized antichrist from the Book of Revelation.

I get that, but not watching 2+ hours of BS with drone alt music & I refuse to give Green views.
I don’t need the esoteric for any of this.

I reiterate:

Our (alleged) representatives spend every tax dime in the coffers, as The Fed raises interest rates & drains liquidity from the system at the same time, farmers & ranchers paid double not to plant/raise, the very unusual drought (which they saw coming & /or helped cause), an engineered shutdown that starts the ball rolling with inflation w/“free” money, now, come the tax hikes.

Nothing has really changed in centuries: Burn’em out, flood’em out, starve’em out, tax’em out.

Yes, this is a takedown of Our Country & the world. We (The People) are being played by ALL sides.


Democracy is the government of the people, by the people and for the people. It is
achieved through the election of executive and legislative powers. The competences,
rights and obligations of these two powers are determined by a Constitution or
general law that might partly differ from one place to another, according to society
values and traditions. Although this ideology is very old, (we know that Plato
mentioned it thousands of years ago) it was not implemented in reality and it dit not
get close to the reality of the thoughts exposed in the Democracy, except in America,
after the liberation war or the separation that the American people - who are mostly
English - went through against the occupying country or mother England. In fact, it
may be better to let an American, one of the scientists of democratic America, Martin
Dodge, describe to us democracy as it is in the source of the modern democracy. He
says: “Democracy was created because people wanted to live free… American
democracy did not appear by itself but it was the result of efforts and resistance. It
makes individuals their own masters… Moreover, it presents us a great deal of
opportunities, it places responsibilities on every individual of the society… besides, it
paves the way towards endless progress and prosperity… then he adds… the regime
we are following in America comes from the core of the democratic doctrine which
gave the country an existence. Therefore, we tend to approve its validity. We forgot
that democracy took a long time in order to be established and was only fully
achieved after hundreds of years of resistance. It finally reached us because we were
determined to live free and because we hate to be driven, as herds, from one place
to another. Democracy is when people rule themselves without being submissive
oppressed subjects for they hold the first place and take precedence over the ruling
Under the democratic regime, the society rules itself. Yes, it rules itself, and people
occupy the highest positions. As for authorities, they become dangerous once we
attribute this description to them. Moreover, if we look this theory up in human
history, we will find that it had never existed because people were governed by kings,
emperors or dictators who gave their citizens little rights and insignificant individual
privileges. Those citizens had no vote or representation in the existing government
and they had no immunity, respect or protection either.
They were subject to high taxes, and were arrested or even sentenced to death for
just an urgent sign or desire expressed by the ruler.
Democracy was first established in Greece but its roots, which are the most important
element nowadays, first appeared in England seven centuries ago, when King John
signed the (Magna Carta) Constitution in 1215. In fact, he was not really ecstatic
about it because he felt that it involved some sort of submission and
acknowledgement for another power to rule at his side with full authority.
Needless to say that heads of States and members of governing bodies refuse to
cede the glory and power they have gained and therefore hang on to them for fear of
losing them, whereas Democracy stipulates that the power should be held by the
Ever since the signature of the Magna Carta, England witnessed a succession of
events that lasted nearly four centuries. The process was slow, but it lead to the
ratification of the parliamentary system there, when Sir Edward Coke stood before
the House of Commons, early in the 17th century, and announced with an
unprecedented courage that some royal decrees were illegal because they violated
the Constitution, and have therefore become non-binding.
Hence, England was the cradle of Democracy. However, it did not grant its American
colonies such a privilege and kept treating the citizens of those colonies as a herd of
The restrictions it imposed on the colonies only stirred further the struggle for
freedom instead of eradicating it. This was the reason, as we all know, behind the
outbreak of the American Revolution which resulted in the establishment of the most
powerful country of the modern world, the United States of America. Its
establishment was linked to the consolidation of the pillars of the democratic doctrine
upon (the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution and its related appendixes
known as the Human Rights Charter).
Dictatorship is at the bottom of democracy: - this fact is clear in practice because
when an intellectual doctrine assumes power through a given party, it seeks to
impose its political vision on this country, in one way or another. Some might say that
the people themselves elected and got this doctrine to power, however, I find that the
people have placed this party and this intellectual doctrine in power, based on what is
available on the political field during the elections period. The people do not know
how things are going to turn out in a year. Therefore, should this ruling regime harm
their religious or secular interests in any way, they will not be able to revert it, as the
proverb says, “Things have gone past the point of no return, there’s nothing that can
be done about it now”.
Democracy has no place for those who do not have money to spend on propaganda, lies, falsification of facts, hiring of mercenaries and villains. Hence, the power of money in the democratic regime appears in an abnormal way. Parties and organizations start plundering the money of the poor and
misfortunate, in one way or another, before treason starts. For instance, in the United States, the Jewish control the course of the elections through money and achieve a minimum success rate of 70% in the nomination of whoever they want in power in the United States, so that the American support for the Zionist State continues. As for the deceptive and false advertising and the power of money over democracy, it is an issue that was constantly discussed in the newspapers in America itself. In fact, I
remember that, years ago, I read an article written by an American author confirming that the democracy in the United States is just a sham and an insignificant play for what govern it are deception, scams and money.
When the course of democracy gets
started in a given country, tens of political parties and currents may be constituted.
However, since deception, falsification, lies, defamation, advertising and money rule
the country in reality, all these parties are dismantled with time, and mostly only two
parties remain on the political field. In fact, the final result and the bitter end come up
to one of these two parties dominating the helm of leadership. In consequence,
dictatorship reappears in the form of democracy. Indeed, the two oldest democratic
countries represent clear evidence to this situation because they are experiencing
the last stages of democracy. In fact, these two countries are none other than the
United Kingdom, where both the Conservative and the Labor Parties are dominant,
and the United States of America where the Republic and Democratic parties are
dominant. At this stage, these parties are in conflict over the absolute dominance of
the helm of leadership for Democracy entails a phase of eliminating the weak. Thus,
people are currently going through a transition from democracy towards dictatorship.
In fact, the domination of two parties and ideologies of the helm of leadership, is by
itself, a form of dictatorship if we take the ideological compatibility between them and
the absence of any true ideological opposition into consideration. Furthermore, this
phenomenon only applies, if no setback occurs after a group of democracy
advocates takes over the rule and eliminates the other parties, thus changing from a
democracy into a dictatorship overnight. In this regard, the Greek philosopher Plato
says (and among the advocates of democracy and protectors of the people will
emerge the one who is the most violent and subtle, he then banishes or executes the
rich, abolishes debts, partitions the lands and forms himself a garrison to protect him
from the dangers of plots. The people then rejoice with him and he takes over the
reign. Moreover, in order to consolidate his position, keep the people off him and stay
indispensable, he declares war against his neighbors after making peace with them.
Thus, he would be able to have his own way in the country, cut off the head of every
opponent or critic, keep all virtuous man away from him and bring over a group of
mercenaries and veterans. He also gives generously to the poets we banished from
our city so they heap him with praise. Furthermore, he plunders the temples and
squeezes the people to feed his guards and assistants. Finally, realizes at this point
that they’ve witnessed a transition from freedom to tyranny and that this is the last
government) “The Republic”, by Plato.
I settle for these inconsistencies for abridgment purposes, otherwise the
inconsistencies of democracy are so numerous.

The United States of America is a Republic, according to The Constitution, not a democracy.


I don’t watch this trash. Bye.


Let me reiterate in Jim Marrs’s words then:
Almost all facets of Freemasonry are steeped in controversy, even among themselves. Critics of Freemasonry have claimed the prominent Masonic symbol of a “G” within a square and compass stands for Gnosticism, while others say it stands for “God,” and yet others maintain it represents the science of geometry, the foundation of architecture and stonemasonry. Furthermore, Masonic authors have revealed that within Freemasonry there are two circles—one the large, outer circle of members who only know what they have been taught and an elite, inner circle of initiates who have learned the inner secrets of the Order. In the late 1700s, Illuminati doctrines were infused in many Masonic lodges, creating what is known as “Illuminized” Freemasonry, a blending of masonic structure and older esoteric Templar lore with Cabalistic traditions. These secrets continue to lurk at the inner core of Freemasonry even as its unknowing millions of members enjoy its outward philanthropy and fellowship. They have forgotten that the first viable third political party in the United States was the Anti-Masonic Party, formed by people angered over the farreaching power of the order in politics, government, and the judicial system. In reestablishing Freemasonry in the United States, the lodges there grew apart from the lodges of Europe, which still carry the more esoteric and Illuminized versions of masonry. The U.S. lodges became largely centers for social and business contacts along with charity work such as the Shriners Orthopaedic and Burn Center Hospitals, which give free care to children. The ancient knowledge of the Anunnaki was passed through the Sumerians, Babylonians, Assyrians, and Egyptians down to the Mystery Schools of the Greeks and Romans, then on through the Knights Templar, Assassins, and Rosicrusians to Freemasonry until it was collected together by a group of German intellectuals in the late 1700s—the Bavarian Illuminati. Founded by a Jesuit-trained academic named Adam Weishaupt in 1776, the Illuminati quickly gained a sizeable membership that spread to Austria, France, England, and even to the new nation of the United States. Both Founding Fathers George Washington and Thomas Jefferson revealed their awareness of the Illuminati in their writings and correspondence. The Illuminati proved a melting pot for the various cults, sects, and secret societies, all of which claimed to hold secrets passed down from the sky gods of old. Members combining ancient and arcane wisdom with more modern scientific knowledge were further stimulated by the consciousness raising taking place during the Age of Enlightenment. Apart from the structure and rituals of the Illuminati are the doctrines and theology that precipitated men within such modern movements as the French and American Revolutions, the Russian Revolution, and the rise of communism right through Adolf Hitler and his Third Reich. Manifestations of Illuminati doctrine can even be detected in the divisive politics within the United States today.
It all began in Germany.

Savior my :poop:

If someone wants to see facts with proof that most trumpets never heard about go here and wake them up bc trump is also a psy-op and also a murderer Telegram: Contact @trumprealfacts

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listen to this: Telegram: Contact @klokkenluiders

What if on the back that T-shirt we added the name of one other famous current politician? Donald Trump was educated by Jesuits too. He attended Fordham University for two years (1964-1966), before transferring to the real estate studies program at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania.

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Look, Trump denounces US aid to Ukraine.

Well, we here in Donbass really haven’t forgotten Trump’s arms shipments to Kiev. (Trump followers of course)
got advanced stuff from Trump including anti-tank missiles, night vision equipment, sniper rifles, drones.
And what had Donald Trump done to end the conflict?
The answer is: NOTHING! NADA, ZERO. Not even an attempt.

Interesting headline…

Pretty good Vid, [2nd coming of Trump… ], and a lot of work was put into it. Had to laugh at 'Donnie Darkened’s character hiding behind a silly mask, and looking more ‘evil and suspicious’ than anything DJT ever has done. Furthermore DJT did a lot of good stuff, far more than others, and far more than most will give him credit for getting done. Of course DJT is also a very dangerous man.

If you, or those guys ever read JPF’s book “The Third Way”, you and they might understand the National Socialists Workers Party was never defeated at the end of WW2, but went underground, and into hiding. Those folks wrote the Madrid Circular in 1948, which accurately prophesied some important events to take place in Europe including the European Common Market, and the European Union, and that Germany would be the leading nation. The WEF might be their ‘best-worst work’ yet. And, a far more dangerous bunch of folks than DJT will ever be. Although DJT appears destined to continue to be a ‘big-time’ player on the world stage for a little bit longer he’s much less worrisome, or dangerous than the WEF.

Anyways, thanks for posting all the ‘conspiracy’ vids. I used to relish them too, but grew out of that stage of my life since conspiracies have always been, and always will be swirling around us. Most never do much more than get the perps into trouble, one way or another.


This is a Gargoyle in Southwell Minster sculpted over 700 years ago.

The 14th century sculpture is one of 280 carvings at the cathedral.

The resemblance to Donald Trump is quite uncanny.

I suspect that we could find just as much evidence against any presidential candidate if we really try, but by not trying to make facts fit the conspiracies, simple observation will show that Trump did a lot more good for this country than any other president in my lifetime. I could write a long list of accomplishments not acknowledged by the media. Shaking hands with the head of Israel, the Queen of England, Indias prime minister or any other head of state is business as usual for an American president. We now have high inflation, fentanyl pouring over the border, promises of food shortages , flying illegal immigrants to various unsuspecting locations in the US under the cover of darkness, fuel shortages, etc. There must be some conspiracy theories to cover this disintegration of our country. I never heard a Trump supporter think of him as a savior. They willingly acknowledge his faults. Q was legitimate in the beginning and his information was proved accurate time and again, but he was arrested at least 4 years ago and replaced by several fake Qs and that’s why it now appears to be fake. I know nothing about qanon. Is it still functioning? If so, the information would be as varied as the number of anons as it’s only opinion. Whereas, the original Q was getting his information from an expert hacker who was capable of hacking military computers. I was greatly in doubt of Q until he made some very accurate predictions. You’d have to have been following 5-6 years ago to know what these were. The slogans came with the fake Qs.
If we take the stand that all presidential candidates are corrupt, and I hate that one has to be rich to even run, then I’ll vote for the one who does the most good.
Are there any prophecies about Obama? He sure did a lot to damage this country. I voted for him twice primarily because he promised a transparent government, but then gave 17 intelligence agencies permission to spy on citizens.