The( toroidal waveform) Shape of Things coming right at you

Discussion on consciousness and extraordinary events in the solar system and their linkages( sic) to events here on Earth. Things we need to grasp right now, and possible hopeful solutions to the '20’s dilemma. At least I thought this is an important one. Any takers??

“Changing Electrical Fields Across the Solar System Affecting You (AlfaVedic 1/5)” on YouTube


We are electrical. Healing is voltage.

Well, we are, among other things, also electric(al). And and the correct amperage might be important if one does not wish to fry one’s client.

At -25millivolts our cells are sustaining, below that “your batteries” are running low. Cell regeneration occurs at -50millivolts and -60millivolts is required to fight off cancer. These numbers were determined by Dr. Tennant and others working with him. Pretty fascinating research and right up the alley of many here with regards to his application of basic biology and physics. Positive and negative charges are a product of pH (which is why you want to maintain alkalinity by drinking water with a slightly negative pH).

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Justa, I was commenting on your post from an holistic point of view, not on dr.Tennant’s materialistic( or other) perspectives, not that I disagree with alkalinity &c. :slightly_smiling_face: