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As most of you know, I’m recently back from a sudden trip to the hospital for a few days for…


Dear Joseph,

Take all the time you need to heal and feel comfortable. You have produced so many materials I can self-study over, that can last the rest of my natural life.

After all these years I consider you close family. I rather, on occasion, enjoy your wit and wisdom. That will be more than enough for me.

Please take care of yourself and don’t worry to much. I am sure it will all work out in the end.

Love, Bizantura


Thank you Doctor for the update and informing us of your status.
I will continue to pray for you and I look forward to you being able to share your wisdom and enlightened prose with us again soon. Oh, and of course sharing a chuckle with you when the “Canine home security unit” announces the arrival of the mail.
God bless you good sir!


Glad to hear from you Joseph, and even gladder to hear you are back home with Shiloh and others and recovering from what must have been a traumatic event. Concentrate on what is best for your recovery too…the whole community here is with you, and will all be praying and wishing you well. The DJ community today was also sorry to hear the news, but immensely grateful to hear you are OK. I’m sure you know that you DO have a wide and growing following, and each and everyone of us/them is sending positive thoughts your way. Don’t feel like you owe anyone here anything, and know that we will adjust to anything/everything that you decide re future interaction here. We are ‘family’ of sorts, and as such we will support you in every way possible :slight_smile:


Thank you for the update, hope you rest and recover quickly. Continuing to pray for your recovery.


hello doc

quite an epic christmas, eh?
(yesterday was my nameday…)
i was pretty sure that u’ll be back, since the Old likes to play with its best cards, flipping them during the course of a play. and our prayers were answered.
as we (i?) - gratefully - see from this ‘short’ notice of yours…
and the Director made it happen in a way that caused all this loving power to hold, cleansen, carry and strengthen every partaker of the drama. just almost unintelligibly beautiful, he? fascinates me to live in these days. thanx again

so. flipping and slipping, good to have u back. got work to do. me too. and u have no right to leave early… now, that’s a fact i learned on the way.
our Father tries the elect, since the elect would never know by themselves, who they r. i am fine with this. so we know each other as well.
happy new year with a jumpstart! later on we’ll say:
‘2022 started with doc’s resurrection, thereafter came all the rest…’

all very best


p.s: smoked yet in a good hat? :wink:


Dear Dr Farrell

I have recently discovered your work and am utterly hooked. Your intelligence is unrivalled and your insight, presentation of material and in-depth analysis are truly divinely given blessings to us all, at a time, I must add, when they are most needed.
My thoughts are with you and know that god will bless you with the strength needed to continue with your blessed work,

Kind thoughts
Known on the site as Marcusmojo00 - my small poodles names.


It’s wonderful to hear you are back at home, Dr Farrell. I pray you make a successful recovery and are back on your feet soon. You are missed.


I’m so glad to hear that you are on the mend, take all the time you need to rest and get better, sending you love, prayers and healing and sending Shiloh lots of love too. As it the innocent little animals that give unconditional love that really make life worth living x


Hi Joseph, I am delighted you are able to post at all, please don’t worry about the website, vid chats, etc until YOU feel up to doing them. I had been thinking you might want to do what you already suggested, which is when you feel up to it, just host a real “chat” session like pre-chat - that would give you a bit of “social life” that can stop after 10 minutes if you are too tired, but with no pressure to answer questions. The most important thing is you get well and three cheers for Shiloh and the waggy tail!


Dear Joseph,
That was a big scare! I am so relived that you are still with us.
Sending you strenght and love.
Indeed the past year you mentioned often that you felt tired. But who would have thought this was going on? It was more logical to just blame getting older and not to forget the insanity in the world. Last year was crazy!
I am glad you are back home with Shiloh. Please take all the time you need.

I had a surgery years ago. (gall bladder taken out so no big thing) But when i got home, the dog (not even my own dog) of my roommate behaved different. That dog did not want to leave me out of sight. He was on the bed at my feet for a couple of days. It was like he wanted to watch over me. Do you notice something different from Shiloh? Is she more protective? It seems that dogs smell it when you have had a surgery.

In the meantime while you are busy with healing and getting your strenghts up and energy back, there is so much content on your website to revisit. Plus all the wonderful webinars. Do not worry about us. We will still be here ready when you are.

God bless,


By the mercy of God !
Its emotionally to hear what you’ve been through, I know you dont go to the hospital unless its very serious, and reading this i see you had a close encounter.
Just know you are in a lot of our prayers to find and to be given all the strength you need to get back to your best.
Thank you so much for taking time out to to inform us, and i think you know nobody expects anything from you until you are back on feet.
Hopefully you can have Shilo around, he can run around outside a bit no?
I found a lot of energy in having my dog around when i came back home from the hospital this summer, same diagnose as you but not nearly as serious i think.
Will pray for your strength and recovery.
All the best and patiently awaiting your comeback.
All love


Dear Joseph – thanks so much for the update!

I echo the group’s prayers and well wishes, and join them with my warm welcome back, but most importantly, urge you to prioritize self-nurture as first and foremost at this time.

As a subscriber of Edgar Cayce’s daily inspirational e-mails, I found today’s quote to be especially appropriate:

Saturday, January 8

"Know that there is within self all healing that may be accomplished for the body."

Edgar Cayce reading 4021-1


Welcome home, Dr. Farrell!

Talk about replying through tears, I am so thankful for your presence on this planet.

May you experience again deep, easy breathing, and the extraordinary simplicity of every day.

You are filled with the grace of God’s healing light.


Dear Joseph,

I’m glad to hear from you, as we all are. It sounds like you’ve been through quite a lot. It’s a miracle -for which I am very thankful- that you are as healthy as you are. Please take all the time you need, and don’t feel pressured to participate here. We all want you to make the fullest and most complete recovery you can, and to be happy and healthy. Your well-being is of the utmost concern to us all. We all care for and appreciate you very much. And Joseph, you are most definitely worthy of it.

If you are in need of money quickly, check out wherever the donate buttons on your website go to. I and I think several of us outside of the US donated to you for “research”.





You don’t know me, but I found my way to you through the Solari report site. So it was through the recent wrapup, I learned of your heart attack. First, please know I am sending prayers and healing energies to you. However, I want to offer support by being the wife of someone who has had heart surgery in 2019 and continues to be in heart failure.

Your symptoms were pretty much identical to his. In 2019, my Robert had a triple bypass surgery due to five blockages in his heart. Unfortunately, however, his surgery failed. He has had two stints since, which gave some relief, but as you have said, this is serious.

I won’t go into details about everything that has happened because it is a long story. However, there is one piece of true wisdom I can share. The wisdom is to seek others who have gone through this. My husband and best friend Robert has found that talking to others with this condition gave him the most support. Information shared about the medications, methods of recovery, changes in your body and personality, the grief that comes - all of that from others was the best medicine.

So my prayers and healing energy I am sending your way also include an invitation to the Cardiac recovery group. It is not an official place; it is something you create along your journey back to the quality of life you want.

Rest, take time, be intuned with your body, and enjoy every sunrise like a gift. God Bless you, Lea Walters


Dr. Farrell-I’m saddened to hear about your health situation. I’ve been rewatching your interviews with Daniel Liszt, and decided to pop over here and sign up as a member, and then I saw your post. Please know you that you are in my prayers. I believe that God is a healer, and he will touch you and restore you. Your work is important. Take the time you need to get better. We’ll keep spreading the vital information you and Catherine Austin Fitts is providing. God Bless You.


Well, happy day all the way around & good morning, Dr.!

Now you can finally get some rest without people poking & prodding you every hour or so, the incessant hallway noise, although I know you’re grateful for the intervention that saved your life.

God is very obviously not finished with you yet. I wonder what bit of information, what action you have left that helps to enrich so many lives? As I being one whose had similar experiences as you’ve just been through, it brings about the question of, “What haven’t I done yet that only I can do, that God has chosen only me to do?” This is where real living begins and I hope you understand when I say that I’m truly excited about your life going forward.

Get your rest, know that we love you & will be here.



I just found out this morning. My wife and I are sending our thoughts and prayers to you. Members should work together to form a remote healing session. Everyone who sees this, please join me at 12:00 PM Eastern standard time on Sunday, January, 9th in sending very powerful healing intentions to Dr. Farrell.


Dr. Farrell, so very grateful you are still with us and on the mend.