Visible planet ? Can someone pls explain? MIrage?

IS it just a mirage ?

anyone with some knowledge?

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Nibiru! The Nibiru Cataclysm, The Anunnaki And Planet X

Nibiru is the name of a celestial body of the Babylonian mythology. According to their mythology, Nibiru was a mighty celestial object associated with the God Marduk.

Nibiru means “place that crosses” or “place of transition.”

In many Babylonian texts, it is identified with the planet Jupiter, although on tablet 5 of the Enûma Elish it is associated with the polar star.

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Wormwood and Planet X (Nibiru) - Is This the End?

Wormwood and Planet X (Nibiru) - Is This the End? - YouTube

Nibiru / Planet X - Are We In For A Surprise?

Dr. Michael S. Heiser discusses the claims of a Planet X called Nibiru and tests these claims against primary sources. The discoveries may surprise you. Learn more about this episode at by visiting the article on this topic: […](


Nibiru / Planet X - Are We In For A Surprise? - YouTube

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I would suggest you go to the video channel “Planet X”. It has been photographed quite extensively!! The Astronomer, Robert Harrington, I believe, had an interview with Zacharia Sitchen concerning this & then died at an early age. Some say because he let out info he was not supposed to?!

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