Watch Post Tropical Storm Fernanda: Still Thinks She is a Hurricane

Starting roughly at 23:00z on August 15, 2023, Hurricane Fernanda started coming apart. Gone are all the high, cold clouds; however, she curiously still has an eye wall. I’ve seen them do this before; hurricane manipulation is a well-oiled machine.

  • Will they restart her with some external energy?
  • Will they let her dissipate and disappear?
  • Will they perpetuate her and quietly walk her to her next destination?
  • And if they do perpetuate her, will they say it “decoupled” like I have heard on the Weather Channel before.

Please stay tuned!

NOAA Image Viewer links are below. Be patient, they are set to load 240 images.


Update: August 18, 00:10z

At first glance, Fernanda appears to be gone. Yet…

…it is STILL rotating with an eyewall.

Update: August 22, 2023 21:40z:

Weak but still rotating, now past Hawaii.