What did Michelangelo know?

In view of the Demon in the Ekur being referred to as female (or possibly androgenous) in the original text, it is interesting that he chose to portray the ‘serpent’ with feminine characteristics, and legs that turned into 2 serpentine appendages [double helix perhaps??]winding around the trunk of the tree of ‘knowledge’ of good and evil [duality??] HMMMMMMM…


I’ve never seen this before - so much to take in!

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More on Michelangelo’s insights …

Why the fingers of God and Adam do not touch in Michelangelo’s famous work of art

In the painting on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel, God’s finger is extended to its maximum, but Adam’s finger is with the last shortened phalanx. The point of the painting is to explain that God is always there, but the decision is left to man. If a person wants to touch God, he will need to extend his finger, but he can also spend a lifetime with his finger bent without trying to find Him
God and his crew representing an anatomical illustration of the human brain in cross section is an other interesting aspect, aka “God inside the human brain”

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He stands at the door and waits.

Wonderful picture in Keble college chapel, Oxford.


Michelangelo might be hinting at spiritual rebirth/resurrection being possible. On either side of the painting are rams skulls, which extol the symbolism associated with female anatomy. Being placed within a Catholic temple, those symbols would have had to be camouflaged/concealed, because any exaltation of pagan feminine symbolism was strongly censored and condemned by the Church at that time

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I was thinking about this - could the two fingers not represent the parts of a neuron, and there has to be an electric arc between the two to complete the circuit? A sort of leap of faith, across the abyss, made by human thought power?


This is an interesting observation @nyx which goes in the direction of what @knej6776 is wondering about the female symbology. Thank you both for putting forth those thoughts.

Over here, in Canada, many of the “Public Health Officers” (aka public death witches in my own mind) are female, and their behaviour in relentlessly and mercilessly executing a genocidal agenda has got to be satanic. The female archetype used to be one of “mothering” and “nurturing”, and “caring”, and something went off the rails there, with weird females being recruited to carry out public genocide.

My spouse and I have been wondering what’s been going on with women being ok to participate in genocide. And also, how women have given over the raising of their kids to “the state”. (Why are women not outraged with what’s going on in the schools, the masking, the needle rape of their kids, the perverted ideologies being pushed at their kids). It seems that the natural instinct in any normal functioning woman for nurturing and caring for others has been hijacked, and we’re seeing a lot of perverted behaviour in women, not just the ones recruited for the genocide operation, but also among the mothers who have lost their protective instinct for their kids.

Do you have any more thoughts about the female symbology, @nyx ? We’re really perplexed with what’s going on, and maybe there might be some clues in a painting like this, which we had totally missed. You have sharp eyes!


@adspiro: Your thought about the two non-touching fingers representing parts of a neuron is absolutely brilliant! And it gets back to @knej6776 question: “What did Michelangelo know”?

Lately, I’ve been wondering about what is “information”?
And about how “information” seems to be crucial before anything can materialize…
And then there is @knej6776’s suggestion about a double helix being wrapped around the tree (of knowledge?) For me, DNA represents “information”. And a neural network represents “information transfer”.

In the Giza Death Star, Dr. Farrell referenced a book by R.A. Boulay (Flying Serpents and Dragons) who was a military cryptologist. In that book, Boulay presented an idea about the “sin” that got Adam kicked out of the Garden may have been that he and Eve were learning some of the “forbidden” technological knowledge and sharing it… I found that idea fascinating, as it got me wondering about knowledge transfer – and also, over history, why so many people get killed or punished because of knowledge they have acquired or pass on.

Thanks for sharing your thought about the two fingers being parts of a neuron, and the electric arc! You have kind of sent an “arc” to us so that we begin looking at Michelangelo paintings with fresh eyes!


Not certain if my understanding should be put here or in some other place, but here it is…

There is another way to look at the issue. Remembering how the ‘story’ reads it was Eve, not Adam who first ate the ‘Forbidden Fruit’ from the tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil. Now, put on your ‘thinking cap’, would it not be sneaky, underhanded, or even evil to create a race of beings that would be ignorant of the difference between what is Good and what is Evil? Consider your own life, and how satisfied are you to ‘know’ what is Good and what is Evil?
We remember it was the Serpent who informed Eve that she would not actually die if she were to eat the fruit, She would know Good from Evil and of course as the story unfolds, she continued to live. Not only did she continue to live a full life, but she also then went on to have many children.

Then in later centuries a mysterious sect of people came onto the scene. Although no person has actually figured out, or pinpointed from where on Earth they truly came. Then in my understanding those folks sort of ‘flipped’ the truth, and ‘called’ or ‘labeled’ what Eve and Adam had done to be a ‘sin’ against the ‘True God’. Then by some mysterious quirk of Fate they claimed their religious leaders would help absolve all people of their sins. Otherwise, those folks would be damned for all eternity and sent to a place called Hades where they would suffer for all eternity. So, as the ‘story’ goes in order to be cleansed of their wicked and ‘sinful’ nature it would be necessary to place their ‘sins’ on an innocent animal, and then putting the innocent creature to death.

Now in view of my story it is understandable that the ‘first’ sin in the Garden of Eden was one of disobedience. Having the Knowledge between what is considered to be Good i.e., obedience, and what is considered to be Evil, which is to be disobedient to the God of the Planet called Earth.

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@nidster: I wonder if you’re talking about the sophisticated art of sophistry!

The question of what, actually, is “sin” has had me wondering for a long time, too, as it seems to waft around, depending on who’s calling the sin shots. I like your idea that sin entails “disobedience” to some entity who happens to take it upon itself to define Good and Evil for its own purposes, and how the narrative around sin keeps changing (depending on the entity that grabs the narrative reigns for any given epoch).

I, personally, regard sin as committing some harm to a living being – to a person or animal or an ecosystem that supports people and animals, for that matter. And so, I’ve always had difficulty digesting the sin of disobedience, as it heaped upon us by various authorities, because there’s always the question: disobedience to what?. And then, in some ancient practices, where people were told to atone for their so-called sins, by harming animals or children through sacrifice – the whole thing is mind-boggling. Today, the industrialization of animal abuse has become so rampant and normalized that one can’t talk about it openly. And one doesn’t readily talk about what’s going on with the kids either, as so many people are wrapped up in this idea that one does not talk about anything “negative”.

The Garden of Eden topic does seem to have a lot of different nuances and complexities embedded within it, and each of them are fascinating to explore.


Yes, and double Yes! You have a good, inquisitive mind. “… the question: disobedience to ‘what’.” could also be stated as ‘disobedience to whom’? As you stated, in these days animal abuse has become an industry. Well, it also appears that the abuse of children is an ‘industry’ ever since the time of Moloch. Moloch | Definition & Facts | Britannica

Also, there is this, 11-10-2023 from a TASS news report. “Moscow has compiled data on dozens of cases when Ukrainian children were forcibly separated from their parents in Europe, Russia’s envoy to the UN Vasily Nebenzya said at an informal UN Security Council Arria Formula Meeting.”

Child trafficking is world-wide, and has been around for a long, long time.

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I would say we need to go back to the Source of the Biblical Creation Story which would be the Cuneiform Tablets discovered in the mid 1800’s. Actually, Anglican Priest, Paul A. Wallis does a good job with all this in his series of “Eden” books! Our Western minds have been SO programmed for centuries with the “tales” that the Roman Gov’t wanted us to believe that it if difficult to sort the wheat from the tares!!