What happened with the topic?

what happened to the topic where we were talking about twitter?!
now it says that it does not exist.
i was just talking about: on information if open and uncorrupted, or what if not.
it just got wiped out of existence.
RhebaRhae and aurajenn were the partners in the ‘trialoge’.
anybody got a clue?

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this one?

No, not that one, it is still up. Seriously have even checked my account data. aurajenn only appears 2 times - that’s not correct

I like this article. There’s something to the idea of twitter trying to get in front of thousands of data scrapers costing them out of business. Witness GDS being shaken down by Vimeo and their claims of data usage (GDS isnt the only site Vimeo targeted with that scam, from all reports), it stems from the fact that the likes of twitter and other things “in the cloud” are charged on the basis of data throughput.

Twitter is a treasure trove for organisations that thrive on social engineering, and they require data like a fish needs water. I don’t use twitter, so its all academic to me, but for those looking for reasons they can only read however many “hot takes” in a day, this article might help explain some of the thinking behind this move.

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This concerns me. Why disappear a topic? As you know, some can delete a topic, but who and why? The only thing negative about the topic was my opinion of Twit and I was nice. Not only is the topic and posts gone, but I have nothing in my history that aurajenn and I ever exchanged posts, likes…

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non no so.
there’s likely an explanation. you could log a ticket about it (sorry, not the best answer, best i got)

yep. it just disappeared into thin air. and that was VERY interesting.

probably we a hit a nerve? it just went dark. VERY interesting.

there was no swearing, smearing, trolling, anything, but honest exchange of thoughts…

and you opinion about Twitter was not awful at all. just simply nada, zilch.

WTC number 7…
see ya later. we should ask aurajenn too.
keep up the topic.
God bless!


Yeah, sent a couple of posts to aurajenn. She said “Not sure.” On my account it shows I haven’t exchanged any info with her on GDS into last year. That is incorrect.

Just wondering why the total wipe-out. Even if she deleted her post, why does it now appear I have never exchanged information with her?

… you must see Winston Smith in the Records Department of The Ministry of Truth. I’m sure he will know. This is soooooo unusual. Posts and threads have NEVER, EVER disappeared on this site before.

FROM 2 years ago

… yet another disappearing post … absolutely worthless to try and participate. Done.

Giza Developer: replied [2 years ago]

Try the Forum 2.0 – just went live. Should be less of that.

Joseph P. Farrell: replied [2 years ago]

I actually got a notice on your post which apparently DID disappear, as I cannot find the very post I got the notice on!

Joseph P. Farrell: replied [2 years ago]
Apologies, I do not know what happened.


… if you’re taking flak then you’re over the target. :grinning:


Actually, this one was my bad. I deleted it because the image that I had posted had disappeared and I couldn’t find it again. Granted, I didn’t try very hard because I’m still trying to find someone to come and cut down a dangerous tree. But it was nothing sinister folks, it was just me.

Hope you can find someone to deal with that tree soon.

Simpler way to get rid of a tree instead of cut it down just light it on fire, but only of that can be done safely of course maybe fire department would do that depending on tree location, they can spray water on houses so they won’t be lit on fire by tree burning. Don’t know if fire chief for your city would do that or not.

maybe this one? the Darshur Black Pyramid? it is definitely charred/burned on a very high temperature, as if somebody have torched it from high above with great precision.

btw: thanx Doc for smoothening out the wrinkles and solving the ‘Great Mystery’ of the inquiry.

another thing. the grammar-bot is too ‘American’(?), sometimes it tries to correct or just does not recognize perfect English words - not that my English is perfect at all… is there anything to help it? a Webster database or whatever? i do not know how these algorithms work.


FB_IMG_1688488199694 :man_shrugging:


Lol, looks like that sailor is walking a plank!


Never be able to look at “walking the plank”, in the same way.
Great cartoon pic!


LOL. Reminds me of when people ask what we are upto and I say “I have these giant slugs in the garden and I am out there every morning.” Not that your tree issue isn’t much worse, but the slugs are 2 -3 inches long and at least a pencil circumference. They seriously can eat a lot of food.

We will pray for the tree situation.

he should get a saw and a ladder, and just do it. it is not an excuse for killing the topic at all, however compassionate we are. it is just work. that’s what has to be done.

call Athanasius. he would surely do the job.

sorry Joseph, but there were some good thoughts to be pondered upon.

Uhm… no that would be highly illegal here.

Oh ok, that was just a random idea.

If the tree is an immediate risk to life/safety/property, maybe the fire brigade could cut it down because of that, if they even have chainsaws big enough for whatever kind of tree that is.

If it’s a really big tree with a lot of limbs then you probably need an arborist to take that down limb by limb if it’s not safe to fell it as is.

I know some arborists on the west coast who might be able to deal with that but would be far to travel to central time zone.

Hope local arborist can deal with that soon, sounded like they are just really busy with all the storm damage and trees so maybe you just have to schedule that out a few weeks or something?