What to Know About Forum 2.0


  • Better support for video.
  • Better image support.
  • Better handling of shared articles.
  • Badges.
  • Login recognizes your Giza credentials (try it).
  • Automatic night mode if your computer has it enabled.

I think it will take a bit of “getting used to” and I believe you have been working on this to the point that it is fairly intuitive. Again, thanks for all the work on making this “better”.

Still working on the “and”, not “but”.


It will surely take getting used to, and I’ll have to try to monitor both forums, but I like the look of this.


Verrrrry impressive and thanks for all the hard work that has gone into organizing and creating this great new Gizer conversation space. The existing forum was reminding me of my twitter feed. Now we need more than 24 hours/day to keep up with everything.


I haven’t been able to access grunt on my ipad… goes to address and all I get is a white blank window … any clues, solutions?

apparently it doesn’t like the word c o n t e n t and keeps substituting grunt!

Solved. I custom built a profanity filter for this and misused an asterisk which triggered a wildcard. That means that content would be handled the same way as another word that starts with that letter and ends with those two. :slight_smile: Cheers.


Thanks! Tricky … Would you know why I can’t access new forum on my ipad? Goes to address, but get no content.

Try a different browser on same device? If that works, go to work on the cache of the original browser. Try Chrome Browser, Safari, Firefox, Brave.

Works on my ipad.

I have the small ipad … might have to get different browser, if possible. will research, thanks! Or maybe a bigger ipad :wink:

...it's like being 16 and getting the keys to the brand new porsche!

Well, we have established that we can’t change the font color in a reply…


I am not able to change my user name in this new format, frustrating!!!

LOL. I was certainly piqued by your test sentence! It was relevant to my first car, but clearly nothing NEW! We are talking ice ages.

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Dumb question, I know to old users, but I’m relatively new, how do I clip and post websites, articles to my messages? Do I have to http;// the website? It’s hard for me to quote stuff not on the www cuz I’ve been taken off most prominent social platforms and hand typing a pain in the arse

Hi. I’m new here. I just found an interview with Dr. Joseph Farrell by Forum Borealis. It’s a 3 part interview about the War In Heaven. At the beginning of part 3 Dr. Farrell recommends the listeners to listen to his talk on the Secret Space Program from Texas in 2015.
I cannot seem to find it. It looks like it was removed but I was hoping to find it somewhere in this website or forum? Can anyone post to me a link of it or tell me where to find it, please? Thank you in advance. My email is getinsight@protonmail.com
I don’t know how this all works yet, but i’m so interested in the information. If i’m asking in an improper way please let me know the proper way to make a request such as this.

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I think we have a moderate troll problem in here now. Trolls here and there.


I can’t do private messaging with other members in the new forum.


Not that you can’t do it, you can’t find WHERE to do it. Go to Account and at the bottom you will see Message box.

I practically have to re-educate myself about that step every time I want to send someone a private messageee! (and you can see I have my own version of hardware glitch)

Why the upload of PDF text files is blocked I cannot understand!

That’s just the default setting for a discourse forum site, that could be changed in settings by an admin but maybe they don’t want to do that.

You can post a link to pdf with google drive or dropbox or use your own website for that if you have one. Or copy/paste text within character limit.