What's in an Etymology?

So, this is a small and incomplete observation, but I remember reading a while ago about how there was some gene that was shared between tribal populations in, essentially, Mongolia, and populations in Southern Europe, Mesopotamia, and parts of Northern Africa. Don’t ask me to remember what the traits are or the exact regions - I only remember the general outline.

In looking at a stylised game-map of Europe, though, I notice that there’s a region called ‘Kibyrrhaiotai’ in the south of Turkey.

This is totally speculative, but if the soft ‘s’ of the Cyrillic ‘c’ were to be turned into a ‘k’, in the way that we pronounce the country name ‘Cyprus’ as ‘Syprus’, whereas the Greeks and Turks would pronounce it ‘Kipros’, then could there not be some implication that the settles in the are originated in Syberia?

The full linguistic point is too complex to unpack fully. I suppose I just wonder if anybody else shares the intuition, in the name of idle-yet-fun speculation. :sweat_smile: