When i drove past area 51

I have to finally post this one. Given today’s High Octane Speculation on that odd shaped “THING” on the back of a flatbed truck at “Lockheed-Martain”.

Of course the better question is “What is Raytheon doing in the deep desert in Libya?” But, I will leave that alone for a moment.

I took this picture while I was driving past A-51 a few years back. So, perhaps the Thing on the flatbed goes -------redacted--------- along the center line.

THIS is what a few trillion dollars buys ya!!

Don’t get too excited folks.

It is an obvious fake…but I could not resist having a little fun.

Imagine if I should this to the USAF Supreme Commander, asking him what it is?

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He would probably say that is the out dated model ready for public exposure. You should see what a trillion will get you nowadays! :thinking:

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But, I took that photo LAST WEEK! LOL

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Looks great … now, where the real one ? :rofl:

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