Where to move in the US?

Hello everyone, we are a Canadian family thinking about moving to the US just wondering if anyone could give us advice on which state would be the best state to move to for freedom against these mandates?


Welcome qi1212. Hard to say in the long run because things keep progressing. Perhaps Montana, Florida, Texas, North Dakota?

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are you urban, or rural? Are you seeking culture, or quiet?

Hi, Florida is laid back and friendly and not mandate oriented. The cities are very busy and the small towns on the coast are like a paradise.

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We are looking for a more quiet rural location. We were thinking West Virginia but not sure. We don’t want to move to a state and then have mandates forced on us. From what we’ve seen it looks like Texas or Florida would be the strongest anti mandate states but could WV, Tennessee or Georgia be a good option?

As long as you avoid Southeast Florida, much of which is full of covidian cultists, in love with masks, and not particularly laid back or friendly, in my experience. (Southeast Florida = the east-coast counties encompassing the area from West Palm Beach to Miami.) I don’t know if there are many or any quiet, rural spots left around here, so the area might never come up anyway.

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Nothing is certain in the USA, qi1212. I have lived and worked off and on in a number of US states over the years. Florida and Texas seem very strong at the moment.

I was located in Nashville for a few years. I loathe Nashville, but rural Tennessee I love. Unfortunately, the current Republican governor of Tennessee is a Republican who cannot be trusted. (My opinion is that he is in the pocket of the World Economic Forum and Davos set.) But I cannot foresee state mandates or vaxxxine passports there. Catherine Austin Fitts’ homebase is in rural Tennessee, and having lived and worked in Tennessee myself, I could easily recommend rural Tennessee as a place to live and have some security.

West Virginia may be a good choice. Their governor recently singed into state law a legal framework for protecting religious exemptions, medical/health exemptions, and natural immunity as an exemption against any and all vaxxx mandates. But it will be hard to tell just how hard the West Virginian government will fight the federal government over such issues.

I would never live in Georgia; I fully expect Georgia to be the first state in the US South with mandates and vaxxxine passports. My gut opinion only.

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Thanks for your input. Very much appreciated. Things in Canada are getting worse. My wife was let go from her job over these crazy Vax mandates. However it does give us an opportunity to get out of Canada before Trudeau turns it into Australia north. I don’t feel like being put into re-education camps for wrong think…


I am sorry to hear that your wife lost her job. Feel free to get in touch when you move to the US and start looking for jobs. I will do what I can to help.

Interesting. I have a good Canadian friend who pointed out that your Fascist Dictator is actually wearing an ankle bracelet in any of the latest photos, including during speeches. I think it is a matter of time before the turn occurs. I recognize that most here doubt my “intuition” (aka information) but I can. “feel it” and those photos give me hope that the information is right.


Sorry, can’t help it:)

PS Trudeau is still smarter then the current president of the country I was born in

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I am thinking seriously about Florida. What is your opinion FiatLux about area between St. Augustine and Palm Coast.

That is priceless…sad but priceless! I’ve always thought of him as a Canadian Zoolander…

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oh trust me there is worse, Serbia has a finance minister that plagiarized his PHD thesis and refuses to resign and the president is not asking him to resign. Meanwhile his linkedin profile has grammar mistakes :slight_smile:


I wasn’t aware of the bracelet, thanks for that tidbit.

Only because he doesn’t have dementia. However he can charm the ladies (falsely ) and many refuse to see through it. That’s how he gets elected.

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Wow…an visible ankle bracelet! Now I’m going to be looking at full body photos and videos of the people in authority…it would explain a lot.

QVBB - That’s not an area I know much about, so I could only speak in generalities. But for what it’s worth…

Anything outside Southeast FL and the big cities is likely to be less covid-crazy. There’s often a close correlation between the political mix of the county and the attitude toward covid restrictions, so check out the politics of the individual county you’re considering (see, for example: Voter Registration - By County and Party - Division of Elections - Florida Department of State). It looks like that area isn’t in one of the highest-risk hurricanes zones, so that’s a plus. As far as hurricanes, wherever in the state you are, the farther from the coast, the better.

Also (for QVBB, qi1212, and others considering moving to/within the U.S.), some of the links in this Giza forum thread might be useful: Best States No Mandates.


Sorry to say, but hurricane trends have changed. It used to be safer inland, but “Michael” changed that.

I’ve been through so many hurricane seasons, I’ve lost track of which hurricane was which. The only one I remember by name is Andrew, from way back when, since it was major and happened during a period when I was in FL. Did Michael somehow get more powerful after traveling across land than it was when it made landfall?

And I don’t mean to say any part of the state is totally free from hurricane risk; I was talking only about relative risk.