Why Discourse forum platform?

Hi Gizers, I really respect the effort dr. Joseph Farrell to have own eForum and respect to the Community as Friends Followers and Forumers, but think that as forum platform discourse is somehow uninviting as gui as are eg. xenforo or even simplemachines platforms, personally fun of elkarte …

… simply the viewability of discourse is somehow whitewashed sterile environment that when is additionally burdened with general categorization without neat subforum separation of fields and above all piled threads in endless scroll this simply is not just uninviting for following but also is hard to be followed, almost similar style like the google usergroups earlier, go navigate easily go make the debate clean hm only if one is devoted on some topic [1] but even then its easily to get lost, so is with discourse too if from start its not introduced good thematic subforums in every category eg. in geopolitics board continental subboards etc. etc.

still if You’ve decided to stay with this platform I’ll suggest make cleaner first page, maybe with drop down menu for the last ten posted threads, so this eForum would get more professional eg. https://www.graphicdesignforum.com


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@pelagon WELCOME! You’ll just have to carve yourself out a place. This is a free forum, not like Members forum, so…We work it, however.

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No-one is forcing you to be here.


Shut up Wuss Wuss! What is the matter with you?! This is a new poster & doesn’t understand why no real money is being put into it.

@pelagon Don’t let the jerk chase you off. If you have interesting & unusual news/info, do post it.

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its ok, WuWu I didnt criticized the forum just shared my opinion about the platform gui, altho this could be ironed too with little will, probably spoiler tag plugin will do the job for any heavy digressions or memes in the posts and it will flow …

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@pelagon We posters don’t have any control as to the set-up here. Might want to send word to Dr. JPF. Up to you.

BTW, I see Brandolino posting now as I type this. He’s been constantly asked by Dr. to leave this forum & refuses, so, be careful in conversing. He evidently has zero respect for the forum host.

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It’s like this; we’re comics and this is a stage. Who can be the stupidest, who has the best graffiti, all information is propaganda all arguments circular nobody wins. Born convicted with a death sentence helpless at birth for decades actually dependent about half our lives, every creature here, eating other creatures just to survive, a planet of catastrophes armageddons apocalypses distorted history timeline awry I’m not certain of much, but this I am certain about, you are not going to be able to handle this place. You won’t like being inferior especially not to a group of Twiggers, def, those who go so far out on a limb they find themselves alone clinging to the final twig. Yes I love that cliffhanging feeling, sleeping hung off El Capitan at 6,000 ft very cold but…well probably not for you but here at the “Professor Fate” forum Dr Fairytale will whine smoke incessantly like a locomotive, his minions of cult character will fawn all over him agreeably and ambitiously worship at the alter that is Professor Doom the real life Richard Dastardly hat smoke the whole 9 yards. Organized first page lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol freedom really bothers this dude I mean he won’t even talk to us if we’re out of line, that on a site that is out of line lol lol good grief chawlie brown where do these freaking nuts come from? Roll out of a clown car? Need a dictionary to figure out wtf? Was just said? I’m thinkin NSA for sure, eb will be best buddies with him immediately lol lol lol dog :poop: on every single misinformation specialist sent in here and paid for by tax dollars!!! Discourse? Good god sir we all agree on Giza!! We’re all unanimous in this!! Lol lol agreed aye!!

A forum of discourse and I’m the only person here, ever, that disagrees with every single proposition offered!!! It’s a group of circle jerking cultist weirdos, self anointed masters of everything knowledge the kings of wisdom and the fearless leader is the most entertaining of the group. Big lover of RasPutin, everything Russian etc he’s not very happy lately nor are any of his opinions valid on the subject, or any subject that has any value to anyone. Roswell a Horton brothers wing? No Giza a Death Star? Lol nazis ruling the world? Naht going to keep rolling out the weirdness nor respond to whatever subject censors and organizers demand FREEDOM really bothers these prissy cultists here actually quite emotional most of em. If I came home from Oxford with a degree in patristics ?? And used this level of education, to write fiction, about aliens, my ol man would have likely strangled me……hello

Ditto dude!! Cheers? Lol lol tally ho mate!!
Mr mason has spoken here here “let it be written” “let it be said” “let it be heard” was that the Ben Hur Yul Brenner line? “Let it be achieved” awe the dude is intoxicated with nicotine appears in a panic attack most the time, the doom and gloom rain down in a deluge, it’s endless pointless monolithic one sided never challenged no accountability for past misses etc it’s a hoax here a total fraud

There is already a page that shows latest forum posts.

Daniel is the web developer you cand send ideas to him.

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Google users group? Are you f ing kidding?
The folks here do not appreciate anything “google” it’s the fbi, nsa, cia, tsa, and about a million government surveillance agents and algorithms designed to wrest away any last bit of personal freedom in the human experience, and hurt feelings etc are too important to folks into google, they’re woke weirdos and the least pragmatic of all deniers. No, this forum is not a google or facespace or yourplace it’s brandolino in here and it really bothers this group that someone disagrees. As if discourse is unacceptable and disrespectful. The biggest hypocrite on the net here lol lol. The fact is it’s all misinformation here all of it is speculation. But the cult cannot accept a single voice in dissent lol lol and the positions they take lol lol indefensible…god I love this place!! Best thing about Father Fairytale is the forum so I don’t expect it to last!!!

One filter I discovered recently is that only three consecutive posts are allowed on someone else’s topic, so if no one responds after that many posts it’s not possible to post anymore.

Imagine that censoring is the single most important thing you want in a “open forum” and you wonder why a person like myself might think your totally insane?!!! Lol lol even Dr jo is so pro censorship he can’t handle tough questions has gotten feeble turning into joe Biden I know how this feels, it ain’t funny being old crippled sick and near death, but I seem to deal with it by exposing prissy losers with big erasers destined to try to delete censor or whatever me or any other who disagrees with whatever that’s what bothers them. Lol lol lol
It may as well be Facebook if you start picking and choosing who snd what gets posted but bring a foolish waste of knowledge and career I fully expect to be deleted here with dr fairytales approval he simply cannot deal with dissent, watching him on dark journalist is gag worthy syrupy never an objective challenge to a single opinion lol lol lol it’s unbelievable what passes here lol lol

Welcome to the forum, @pelagon!

Please disregard Mr. Lino, he is a fool and doesn’t know anything.

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how we are all as society splashed by fakebook style communication we are all fooled to become fools, simply it became norm such edgy electrified or zealot vibe, almost as if intentionally someone has thrown us in such mode, altho I think if we make effort to bring eTOS as reality many things could and will get better …

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Facebook stinks left there years ago I’m never going back.


tho it has own good purpose as crucial etool for hood hanging when clueless what should do, logically if there was in right manner implemented eTOS think e’things will get joyful [1] stil if again psyop is exploited massively by the system even mids eTOS could be skewed enmasse our reality, altho far more difficult for executing and way more easier to be recognized!

but maybe they are paid to be here. and money is a factor. on one side is the guy who stole the money, on the other side is the house he bought from it. it fits all the fairy-trolls of ours from ebmason to brandolino. money and house, bought and paid. tails and heads all the way. once they complain about the house, after that the bills. american dream that u may never fill.

What is eTos? Are you a web developer or trying to sell something?

if somehow my suggestion sounds like complaint this wasnt my intention, simply I have issue with better viability of eForums as most important debate e’tool at our hand [1][1][1]

altho moderation is one extra important issue but one that takes precious time and devoted will, why is good in case of thematic e’forums the same to be part of particular ngo where there will be prime eforum for public debate among the insightful and experts ~ while parallel mirror to it for regular members [2] who would wait a bit and pass the meritocratic filter so would join those that are devoted researchers … like this the moderation will be unburdened from spammers and emotional trolling that now is regular issue on the public eforums! some public eforums are circumventing this need for devoted moderation by paying mods through funds from banner adds but like that there is huge defocusing from the topics in various ways simply one cant contemplate and focus deeper on the debate …

still if Rhetorics dont become separate subject in elementary schools or one of the prime home schooling tasks, we will slowly advance to useful eTOS, maybe aristotelian crash course will speed up things, especially when the golden mean needs to be understood in right manner [3]