Why is there a flying saucer in this photo at the vatican?

It’s an old-fashioned silver bell, used at least up until the middle ages. The reasoning behind making them that shape, however, is another story entirely, and not one that bears sharing here. Perhaps Dr. Farrell would like to chime in?
Also, small handheld Tibetan bells have been made in this shape for ages.

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I thought it was a hat :slight_smile:


All praises to the face mask morons with faith in garbage science.

To think a man of “God” covers his face in deference to corporate medicine is sick AF.

Also, in my area, more pu$$y men are wearing the face diaper than women. Six people at bus stop, three men, three women. All weak beta male simps in face mask. All women breathing free on the most perfect Fall day with glorious sun and perfect temps.

In the store. More MEN are wearing the face diaper than women and I live in an area where the FACE MASK is NOT required. They wear the diaper on face because they are abominations of gender courage.

The weak men are NOT going to make it. Good riddance to you miserable “men”.

OK… It’s not a UFO, and it’s not an old-fashioned bell. It is a broad brimmed hat such as many clergy wear in Italy, and have worn for some time.


Thank you, do you know whence the shape?

I don’t know where the hat shape itself comes from, but I doubt some enterprising Italian haberdasher decided one day “Oh, I know, I’ll make a hat out of a UFO shape!”

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The reason for the mask?
He knows God can’t protect him.
That requires faith; at the very least.

He wears it to continue the meme of which he is a part. I don’t believe for a moment he has any lack of faith…he is what he is…a propgandist.

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