Will Trump get blamed for the vaccine failure?

It’s so bizzare that now Trump and the Pentagon will be responsible for everything. Blinky Birx and Fauci offcourse don’t have to do with anything of all that. Bizzaroworld as Catherine Austin Fitts says

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“Will Trump get blamed for the vaccine failure?”

Let’s do a short review: Russiagate; he’s a Jew; the election was stolen; the FBI raids his residence; based on virtually every ‘Fake News’ report Trump may as well be Satan; the leadership of the RepubliThugs and DemonCrats either avoid him, or crucify him daily; and more could be said…

So, yes! Of course he will be blamed, who else would it be?


The most irony I find in the affair is that Trumps demise is due to not being corrupt enough since all replacements is manyfold worse then he and his team was!

But yes, letting that whole “vaccine” loose upon the world will be his undoing.

…even though it was HRC’s buddy Fauci that predicted the plandemic in 2017 and had all his patents lined up for years. How stupid is the public?


The one aspect of all this continued attention on Trump that still amazes me is they’re still worried about him even though he’s barely made a peep since leaving office. I want to dismiss him as controlled opposition … I don’t know, maybe it’s all for show ?

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“Trump is one of them.”

They want me sick and on pills
Going to hospitals
Divided against my neighbor
and taxed to death.


he cannot stop what he allowed to start.
he cannot save you from THE BEAST
he did not save you when he had the power of the presidency
he will not save you when you anoint him king
he will only sell his people out like he did in Vegas, J6, OWS, Mar -A- Log.


All good and righteous people. Separate from this system.

It’s over.

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Trump had no power.


If it’s “all for show” then they are better actors than all the TV, Movie actors, etc. No, it’s real hate, straight from their guts, 'cause there is no evidence they have ‘a heart’.

Trumps is just being Trump, it’s the way he ‘IS’, and always has been. Most voters knew that about him and voted for him because we need a ‘DRAGON SLAYER’, not a gentleman.


Trump is the president that put the children in S&M Face Mask ritual.

Trump locked America down.

Trump is one of them.

the vaccine seems more like an ‘own goal’ by the swampy righteous collectivist woke dictators.
for trump, it is not too late for a call for reform of the medical pharma policy grab on federal money. but i don’t think it will ultimately matter for trump. it means the digital id and reset is likely to be a tough economic strangle due to a vaccine passport being less achievable.

Man you guys need to chill the # out…
Read about op warpspeed and why it had to be done like it was.

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Then there’s this. IDK.
Hope doesn’t come from the circumstances according to some, hope comes from character

Short answer no. Long answer no not at all!
Explanation…It’s a bit longer. And I know that David Icke…is a little more or less strange in explaining some other things, but for this one, here he is right!


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Soup, everyone has an angle on Warpspeed & why it was done the way it was, etc.
Please provide something new?

Yep, PLUS, he’s with a different “family” in the gang as a whole. All are jostling for a bigger piece of the pie.

USMCA states very plainly that We are turning socialist, by law. I truly believe Trump was put into office to pass this one bit of legislation under the noses of the Conservative public and did so very well.

Dragonslayer? Something like this guy maybe? :slightly_smiling_face:



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Speaking of the wolf…this was just posted on banned.video
However, it should be taken with a grain of salt of course. :slightly_smiling_face:


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This is more to my liking…

Statue of St. George the Dragon-slayer of The St. George’s Cathedral, Lviv,Ukraine - stock photo. St. George’s Cathedral is a baroque-rococo cathedral located in the city of Lviv, the historic capital of western Ukraine. It was constructed between 1744-1760 on a hill overlooking the city. Not far from the capital of Kiev, which the Russians consider to be holy ground, and the birthplace of modern day Russia.


Trump is a ‘narcissist’; 20 Traits Of The Narcissist - So You Can Spot Them Early - The Narcissistic Life

But, he is also America First. If he were ‘one-of-the-Deep Sate’s-lackeys’ then they would not only have accepted him, but would have supported his Presidency, and would have been kissing his butt the whole time in was in office.