Will Trump get blamed for the vaccine failure?

The video is on DJ members site now.
Dr. spent close to 10 minutes talking about how “when two or more are gathered in my name, there I am also” and the power of people who come together of one mind (not AI), etc. I maintain the conversation about Mars in the video didn’t have a thing to do with the DJ video being removed. IMO. “They” do not want us “gathering” in any way.

I had a hunch when he started talking about it the video would be removed and sure enough…

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Yes, I remember that one now, and he is correct. Also, it is as I posted a while back, Jeffrey Prather is a retired Army Major, intel collector, Chaplain, and much more. A lot of folks who were highly trained in various braches of the US military, and in intelligence do more ‘stuff’ besides just listen to Prather.

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Here is an example of what is going on … from June 21, 2022

Assessment on what has happened, and planning for the future

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I didn’t say USMC was an ideology. It is one of the tools used to implement TBTB’s experiment in technocracy which includes reducing the population. They have the means and ways to make it happen, no matter how foolhardy the idea seems to us.

I was explaining to you what it contains.
You sound resigned to such a technocracy and it will happen, unless we stand up. No hardcore sign of that yet.

It doesn’t matter what it contains at this point.
The train is chugging down the tracks and too many stakeholders have a stake in the outcome to stop the train.

I stopped watching when getting through the subject of Texas independence. It’s a nice thought, but won’t work.

  1. We are under an extreme drought & water becoming scare. Wouldn’t be too bad, except for…
  2. There is such an influx of people into Texas from other States, the land, water & crops can’t possibly support the numbers; it’s just plum ridiculous.
  3. Property taxes in Texas are outrageous in most places. How much money do people have?
  4. We can’t even control the southern border, much less the entire Texas border & that’s what “independence” would mean.

There’s a whole host of other reasons, like social security, which many depend upon to supplement. It’s not workable in the form in which the video discussed.

Quite frankly, as a fifth generation Texan, I wish those not from Texas would leave Texas as soon as possible!