World hunger( game)

[ Operation ENDGAME]

Suggest you read the following article on just how our food supply was deliberately devolved, it lays the dire situation out pretty well. No need to worry about famine, then, as the “food” we’re eating is cardboard anyway, and leaves one still hungry afterwards.

Then read it all again, this time substituting the word “chickens” with “humans”.

If you could or couldn’t stomach that, then read it and every time you see the word chicken, take a shot.

Sollozzo :cut_of_meat::zap: on Twitter: “The chicken you are eating has increased 364% in size over the last 50 years. Here is what this means for your health. THREAD :thread:” / Twitter

I wish you well. Go hug a tree.


Before I read it, I want to point out that the number of people who. “saw this coming” is not a small percentage. In fact, the number of MAGA terrorists should indicate the fear. Then some of us feel as if we were warned in the 1960’s and just didn’t stop it. Could. Not. Believe. It. Could. Happen,

Keep up the pressure.


Yep. Decades ago, my Grand Uncle, a farmer, shared much of this with us while we ate fried chicken grown in his yard.


Yeah. My mother told me this would happen and she was born in 1917.