All Things China: China stocks notch trillion-dollar gain on hopes of reopening, better U.S. ties

I found this video earlier this morning, after my post to @nidster last night about ET’s etc. I’ve never been to Shanghai, but one fellow at church I showed this to has been there & recognized landmarks; enough confirmation for me.

This is Wuhan on a much larger scale, with additions to what I now call The Wuhan Template and is likely the template to be carried out, worldwide. Everything I listed in yesterdays post is playing out here; NO ET’S NECESSARY, yet.

I realize people on this blog follow the ideas of Dr., CAF & DJ & I think they’re right to a degree, however; in no way do government officials seem “desperate” or panicked at all and this video proves it hands down for me. They know exactly what they are doing and carrying it out with precision. I do believe this will be the same in The West.

Everyone has their opinion(s) but I hope you will take what you see (& hear) in this video into serious consideration, if you can stand to watch the entirety of it. WARNING: Simply put, these people are being locked down & starved to death.


Tian an men was possible 30 years ago, today half of the population of China have tasted satiety, bit of freedom even extra money in a pocket. This may be first sign of the end of CCP rule in China. Kind of repeat of Fall of Soviets in the 90ties, with a turbo force though.


Agree, but I also think it’s a template for what TPTB are planning for the rest of the world. Special attn to the food & hunger.


This is 2 days ago, although I recognize a couple of videos from last week.
This is what TPTB are trying to divert our attention away from because it will be in every country very soon…


A favorite tool of communism; especially in its early stages.
In my short vid-chat questions/comments this week:
“Shanghai has another draconian lockdown.
Many citizens want only want to eat, & are having problems w/that simple request.
Is Shanghai the start of another round of draconian lockdowns and quackcine mandates?”
[In other words; Wuhan, Round Two(in the experimental globalized fighting ring)]

[If the Shanghai citizens had guns[behind every blade of grass], how would the video playout?]

[In top video; government “disinfection”, maybe something to cause infection?]
[Government testing maybe corrupted as well?]

Video above says that internet platforms were not able to handle lockdowns; when it comes to ordering groceries, and services they need to handle their daily lives. So there was a mass scrambling for basic food supplies.
Certain freedoms you have; no longer exist.
If you test positive, you go the quarantine center; if not, they forcibly take you.
In some cases, they take over local residences as centers.
Many international conglomerates have production sites based there.
One of Tesla’s biggest production sites has been shut down weeks, w/an uncertain open date.


You could be right about that disinfection, IDK.

They probably won’t be sending people against us in the beginning, but more likely, machines.


Not if “we” don’t comply en masse.


To America & the rest of the world and people will comply, unfortunately.

The coming food shortages could also be partly due to delivery problems in certain countries. We witnessed a lot of shipping delays in 2021. Another issue are the weather patterns. They are certainly a bit strange in our Region. Plenty of rain this Spring, but we are having 5 days of low-flying clouds every week, with no direct sunlight. My strawberry crop is OK for now, as are my asparagus beds, but will need much more sunshine soon. Summer crops are another big issue. If the weather patterns turn super hot and dry in July and August then it could be a sign of weather manipulation. Our family has already taken steps to increase our long-term food staples. But if the vid you posted is gonna start happening in our area then plenty of folks are gonna suffer.

So, are you thinking that another round of the Planscamdemic is coming to America this year? By posting these vids, what are your gut instincts telling you. Thanks!


I see it as desperation by government officals. Where are the ordinary folks rioting, are even gathering in large numbers? Government officals seem to be scared of something, otherwise why quarantine, or seperate normal, otherwise very compliant folks from their normal everyday life? Repeat, if ordinary citizens are being normally compliant to government mandates and rules, then why starve them? Why let good food go rotten? Makes no ‘normal sense’. When did starving ordinary folks to the point of starvation become normal, ordinary governmental policy? The upper classes appear to be doing OK. No problems with that class of people. The military seems perfectly disciplined, well-fed, and in total control. The ruling class seems to be scared of something, and they are showing desperation by the unfounded lockdowns, and quarantines. Why? What have they to fear from a compliant underclass?

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This is following their established pattern.
First China set the technocratic totalitarian draconian gold bar,
and the rest of the wannabes, on top of the world order heap - pile on.
The media sings in sync, ‘this is the new global normal’ - follow the Chinese narrative.
See, the CDC gives orders to China, and Winnie the Pooh follows those CDC dictates.
So, if China follows - w/o question - the CDC mandates?
And other countries play their CDC assigned roles?
And the media narrative sings their praises about saving lives doing draconian lockdowns?
And, the globalized media has not one discouraging word against it?
The lemmings will follow the bouncing ball narratives of talking heads - to their deaths?
Or, has the world gotten wise, w/o the talking heads[news script readers]?
I still see people wearing masks. The dummy class is a dangerous ideology.
Too bad, they didn’t require dunce caps to ward off the virus.
It would be a more accurate metaphor.
Do some of the masks themselves, infect w/a dangerous nano-type-gel?
Can’t trust those in charge, at least most of those at the top of the broken down food chain.


Gotta say, Robert, "You are a “smart guy”. They hire those ‘news folks’ [script readers] for their good looks, script reading ability, and not for their intelligence. Of course it would not be complete without the masses who relgiously watch the ‘boob tube’ in awe and reverence at the same time every night. Sorta like a religious meeting.


Catherine Austin Fitts has a term for it: Entrainment?


Clickbait for CIA, FBI, DOJ, NSA, FEMA, DHS, blah blah blah spooks

We must stop these lunatics.

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Please keep your murderous trash off this thread.
Thank you.