Astronomers are now questioning webb images


They know somthing is up, here, I’ll help!

The JWST telescope has three struts holding the secondary mirror. Therefore it can produce three pointed stars. The Hubble has 4 struts, therefore it produces four pointed stars. The six pointed stars are FAKE.

Sorry astro, I tried to tell you, the JWST was a money grab and I know you tracked it and everything else, but methinks they launched a Hollywood prop or an old ford Taurus “full of used pinball machine parts”.

Due to how light diffracts around an object, the points on a star in a reflector telescope will match the number of struts that hold the secondary mirror in place. JWST has NEVER had a three pointed star image released yet, which means all images thus far are fake.


I am little late on this topic but could someone explain how much spikes will have this nasa plugin if pictures are not processed :smiley:

this looks to me like intentional sabotage coz risks to “their” mainstream cosmological narrative [1] tho it could be very well real issue altho knowing that 20 years this thing was prepared any serious problem like this would be ultimate debacle for nasa [2] compare it with video game driven by acceptable level of participation, obviously as public we are not welcomed in “their” game!


NASA discovers a problem with one of the Webb Telescope’s most important…

Sep 20, 2022 ~


I cant stop wondering how so after 10 years preparation and in total 10 billion dollars spent on this project that MIRI suddenly malfunctioned!

one possible answer is in the ISIM EIC [1] which is stated as hearth of the telescope needs to operate in cryogenic envinronment [2] what in effect is secured from suns heat by the kite behind the telescope, yet all that as heat risks for disrupting the “cold box” was assumption based on the prevalent astrophysics and obviously was not enough to secure safety! and I dont see other possibility that can affect MIRIs operability but heat … so …

if by chance are taken in account Electric Universe Theories [3][3][3][3] think that maybe further risks would be avoided, but from front perspective >… instead just taking in account only solar radiation from behind! tho that would mean black opp project at best coz how to explain such risks to regular nasa&co astrophysicists on top they to ask for funds down the line!?

…< with all my small EU-theory knowledge I’ll try to postulate front end risks to MIRI i.e. if the mirrors are coated with gold coz space radiation risks, and gold is highly conductive, then by induction principles can heat up and destabilize MIRI temperatures if in the floating area is present some electric charge that alone by the passing photons logically is (if I understand correctly EU-Plasma Physics) i.e. even to bounce back photons from any part to the golden mirrors will make charge, altho it could as well the same “photon echo” to be present from all sides if gravity is seen as eu-theory postulates like plasma effect …

in same way probably malfunctioned Voyager-1 i.e. while was in such regions stopped working and continue wandering in space locked until exiting from greater photon induced charge when it became again operational and again started to send signals [2] now not that the equipment is same but do exist gold in it as is pointed in this last footnote!


I’ve tried to ask mainstreamers on SE about this possibility and voila exceptionalism rulz there so dont bother this logic to be resolved by them!

yeah it would ask for most sick scientific feat for throwing out their diplomas if by chance start to reason in electromagnetic terms around gravity …


need to add that I tend to see photons as probable particles through electromagnetic initiation but all this is acrobatic attempt to explain something that is not standardized nor as theory or model even less to be by right measurement supported, closest to my reasoning think is the one of Roger Spurr who is trying to find understanding for the current measuring through own electromagnetic prism [3][3][3][3] tho I am far from contemplation on the possibilities simply not focused on physics even less astrophysics so would claim with certainty mine logic is correct, yet he is good reference to be pointed along his nucleotron and electron flood theory, altho for sure coz his other geological theories surely will be dismissed as crackpot altho has plausible explanations [3] aligning with the idea that mountains where once live giant trees, but lets not go too offtopic in this thread, after all his views are his, the question is can he explain subtantially how photons emerge as electrons!

while talking about sparklers [1] found that recently JWST snapped “sparkling galaxy” [2][2] the strange thing would be that this snap potentially could change everything, tho not by the logic in the next video, but the following paragraph …

… and somehow this looks to me that webb just confirmed electric universe? not sure just which theory postulates exact logic like the next one when it would merge alfven waves with electric universe premises … Alfven proposed plasma universe theory [1] but the problem with the same is that rests on the einsteins premises which we know now are obsolete [2] thus plasma universe is also in error [3][3][3] yet some derivation along electric universe theory can bring clarity [4]

Magnetic field lines of shear Alfvén waves produced 1.6 microseconds after
the collision of two laser produced plasmas in a background magnetoplasma.
The image is derived from vector magnetic field data acquired at 18,000
spatial locations and at 16,000, 10 ns intervals. The background magnetic field
(not shown) is out of the plane of the image. The transverse dimensions are
30X30 cm. The inductive electric field is calculated from the time varying
magnetic field and is rendered as sparkles on the field lines. There is a reconnection region in the center of the figure which coincides with the generation of large electric fields–the brighter the sparkle the higher the field.