Is CV19 really H1N1.....? this is scary----

Or a figment of his interpretation.

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Sounds like THE FLU!
Pretty sure TPTB are going to clear out the islands for military and porting purposes, by whatever means possible.

Propably rise thru the fib scare method!



We Are Way Ahead of the Government Bird Flu Narrative at the Moment Dr McCullough’s June 8 X post

We subsequently have found that farmers will get payment for mass PCR testing of animals and for culling or intentional killing of poultry and disposal. This will engage farmers financially and greatly overstate the extent of the current outbreak with massive numbers of false positive PCR tests. Government strategy will never give a chance for natural bird immunity to the current strain which most likely has its proximal origins at the USDA Southeast Poultry Research Laboratory in Athens, GA. US FDA and poised for human vaccination for avian influenza with the antigen based vaccine for starters. Self-replicating mRNA products from CSL (Global Biotechnology Company), BARDA (Biomedical Advanced Research Development Authority) , Gates Foundation and CEPI (Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations )
Essentially the current avian influenza “crisis” is a ploy for mass vaccination of animals and humans.


From Peter Imanuelsen’s Substack.

Well, it has happened. This really should be bigger news.

The World Health Organization put out a press release saying that ”a confirmed fatal case of human infection with avian influenza” had been reported to them.

The mainstream media widely reported the news from the WHO, saying that the man had died from a brand new strain of bird flu.

As usual, the mainstream media were busy fear mongering about this.

Upgrade to paid

But it turns out that we were lied to – AGAIN.

Mexico’s health ministry have DENIED that the man died from bird flu, saying that the man died from chronic conditions and that he had conditions that led to the failure of several organs.

Turns out that the man had been bedridden for weeks, had diabetes type 2, high blood pressure and kidney failure.

The WHO reports that he was tested for bird flu with a PCR test. We all know the PCR tests are questionable in the first place.

After reading the original press release from the WHO, you get the impression that the man died from bird flu. And the mainstream media widely reported it as such.

However, after the initial round of fear mongering, the WHO held a press conference where they also are now denying that the man died because of bird flu.

”The death is a multi-factorial death, not a death attributable to H5N2” WHO spokesman Christian Lindmeier said.

So what happened here is that the media went into a frenzy, reporting that a man had died form bird flu. This of course making people scared.

It is no coincidence that Big Pharma are already making bird flu injections. Moderna are already in stage two clinical trials of their new bird flu mRNA injection.

There’s also been some updates from the “US Food and Drug Administration” since this post:

Here goes the latest from 06.06.24. With links to other posts under the infobox.


Well yeah, farmers are traditionally anti-government so how else to get their cooperation except $$$$?

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While I would have titled this video differently, these guys have a point I try to remember.

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During a recent group teleconference, I had the opportunity to engage with Sasha. I was impressed to find that she is indeed as competent as her reputation suggests. Her documentation was meticulous and of high quality. Her expertise, especially in Quality Assurance and Quality Control within the pharmaceutical industry, is commendable. It is evident that when the Department of Defense commissioned a bioweapon, the delivery met their specifications precisely. No further clarification is necessary.

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More and more local reporting…

OK, LISTEN UP PEOPLE… I worked 35+ years for some of the worst, most despicable folks. They always ‘need’ to 'obfuscate, and hide the real facts, and/or the whole truth by way of hiding their operation within several different ‘stories’. The important lesson to learn could go something like this: "In order to protect the guilty parties several ‘stories’ are created. All of them contain some facets of the truth, but NOT the whole entire truth. Therefore, when we read, or listen to many different accounts of what happened with one, or more of their ‘operations’, the complete story will be shattered, broken-down into lots of different ‘stories’.

Here is something to read, and start thinking about…

Also, research Lake Vostok a sub-glacial lake in Antarctica.

Once scientific findings like those are investigated then it is entirely plausible that utilizing modern scientific methods all sort of various, and nefarious harmful ‘stuff’ for which no one on the Earth has any immunity can be introduced into certain populations of humanity.

Two Scientists Fired from Top Canadian Lab after Shipping Viruses to Wuhan. (


“As climate change continues to cook the planet, however, these permafrost-locked germs are beginning to thaw.” verbatim out of the article.

Life in the Coldest place on earth, the region of Yakutia (Republic of Sakha), Siberia, Russia, & the Worlds coldest city, Yakutsk.

I think “fiends” want to dampen humanities spirit and borgyfy us, but think all this infection stuff is to scare us more then anything.

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Not directly C19 related, except for the time frame, and relatively old news. Make of it what you will.

Back on subject. Start min. 10:40:

and from Armstrong Economics - registering chickens -

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Next comes cattle, hogs, and other mammals.

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Agree, totally. Wonder what is next for us.