Mike Gill -- New Hampshire Drug Cartel and SVB

1500 Israeli start-ups evaporated. Someone is fighting back and utilized the US-FED and SOFR de-dollarization mechanism to drive a wedge between the US dollar market and the international drug laundering networks operated by East India/Davos/Rothschild-Kissinger/Israeli Likud/US Neocon set.


Thanks for posting. Disgusting, but we need to know.

And more of the same. James O’Keefe? Project Veritas?

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Yes, it is made by the same individual. Brendan Lee O’Connell. Odd individual, completely illiterate with respect to Russia and Orthodoxy, believing to this day that Putin is actually Chabad and the Jews and therefore the Rothschilds control Russia. Preposterous. On the other hand, some of his work is so autistic in its minute detail, it has been difficult to ignore completely. Every man a teacher.

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The date of the video seems to correlate with the date of the NH outages. Wonder why?

With regard to O’Connell, there’s no doubt he has some issues; seemingly, lots of them but, he does come across some real information. The problem is that his earlier videos are so ‘hokey’ with stupid effects (constant repetition, slowing audio way down, making eyes glow) that I don’t share them; they’re downright laughable, with some exaggeration. He is right about one thing for sure and that’s Israel, China and Russia involvement with BRI. I have posted on this numerous times and it is, IMO, one of the major goals of the entire cabal; and they are a cabal. They’re all in this together. O’Connell’s hokey video listed in show notes under your video is attached below and is thankfully only 30 mins. long. He has a patreon (which I would not pay to view such a video) but evidently Whitney Webb dislikes him, as he has a couple of links to videos about her, also in the show notes of your video. Says Webb’s Paypal $ is over $9M.

NH outages:

O’Connell BRI video:

Looks like Trump had started his vendetta against Bibi also somebody in congress had warned SVB. My bet is on dual citizens congressmen. Yes, that brood of vipers does not deserve capital letter when talked about.


With thanks to omnimatter.

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Here’s a Twitter feed with same info.

I like him, he feels like the real deal. I have wondered about Whitney Webb being a plant. I just find her confusing and I wonder why Catherine Austin Fitts and Dark Journalist had her on their shows and hence prompted her. Maybe she was a plant but now she wants out and wants to break free, I think it’s too late and once you are in the system and a plant you are always one. The alternative media are just as manipulated and controlled as the mainstream, there are only a few true independent voices and it’s feels that Brendan might be one of them.

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Fitts and DJ do not perform appropriate due-diligence. There are other threads where I complain about Fitt’s omissions despite her status among the Giza users. Remember, Webb has a military background. Her papa is military intelligence. You are correct that all might be ‘plants.’ This is why self-education and critical thought are so important.

I am confused about Whitney Webb, not sure what to believe, I think she is an asset but I am not sure why CAF and Dark Journalist supported her, could they not see through her. I feel that their is so much control now of the alternative media that they are just as bad as the mainstream.

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Fitts and DJ are interested in popularity at a superficial level of this war. Remaining as broadly applicable as possible is key to their business models.

It’s a shame that they don’t practice more diligence, I would feel bad and feel that I was being played if I were them. To me I want to hear from honest voices, not compromised or deceitful and certainly not plants. People like Webb are worse than the mainstream media because they play on our feelings of betrayal as if they are providing us with the real truth. Webb has done well and fooled many people. The alternative media are playing the role of an opposition party, pure and simple, the only honest option is to opt out of the whole silly game.

Remember, everyone is at a unique level of understanding. CA and DJ projected information to thousands of people daily that may not have otherwise made contact.

CA is an informational rung on a ladder moving upwards. Always moving upwards.

Webb is an opportunist like any child of elites looking to absorb the lime light and make money on the back of ignorance. Sadly.



If your gut tells you that Webb is an asset, then, consider her an asset. If you’re right, you’ve saved yourself grief, if wrong, none the worse for the wear. There’s absolutely nothing improper with disagreeing with the opinions of Webb and others.

Maybe we should not treat CAF, DJ & others as paragons of virtue and truth. Never mind Webb; when DJ has Millie Weaver as guest…like, it’s like, all air up there, like. And forget Gigi Young. That’s my opinion, which you do not have to agree.

Yes, virtually all of alt media is controlled now. Go into it making that assumption and it’s not as confusing. It’s not necessary to agree with what anyone says and don’t bypass MSM because of their compromise; you’ll frequently pick up tidbits that help put things together. Ex. I asked the question about Credit Suisse stock on this site in Nov. last year; no response, so, I went to one of my other groups who noticed same thing and we’ve been watching it ever since.

The goal of all this mental manipulation is to confuse people and they’re doing a damned good job. Like my Mama used to say, “There’s nothing wrong with being flexible and open-minded; just don’t be so flexible that you break your back, or so open-minded that your brains fall out”. None of us will ever know the entire story but we could find out enough to understand the big picture.


Guys @omnimatter @Marcusmojo00 , nobody is perfect.
As far as DJ and his guests, he is a journalist in a true meaning of his word, not opinion maker. He presents views of different fractions or rather different schools of thought. It is for us do make a discernment. I for example have certain doubts about John Warner, he rolls his eyes a lot and does not give you a lot of info, mainly digests what’s written in JPF books. He is an op in my opinion.
As far as WW, she came from nowhere, suddenly, her books have volume of info and connections, but there is something missing in her take of reality.

If you compare her writings on Deep State to dr. Farrell’s take, she almost completely dismisses a role of Nazi International. May be on purpose maybe not. One who undertakes such a heavy topic like post war Deep State does not pass by silently the work of JPF without a pause and some conclusions/discussion.
She is mostly deaf about it and doesn’t credit JFP for his contribution to the theme, because of that she is suspicious in my book, or rather wants to steer us in the different direction.

Her papa involvement in intel community is the most interesting angle. I am very interested in more detail about it , so if any at Giza has more info, please share it with us.


See history of quote.


Just pick one or two things you feel intuitively drawn to working on and ‘look into it’. (Not like this guy but humor is needed.)

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I have followed Brendan O’Connell for some time now and must say that while he does form opinions upon his intuition many times, and while he does sometimes have anger problems or emotional instability, he does provide valuable information. I do not agree with everything he says especially concerning 5G or the “vaccines.” He accuses people of being controlled opposition for not mentioning the Talpiot program or other highly suppressed topics such as the belt and road initiative for Greater Israel. Many people that are independent journalists can’t be expected to be an authority on every facet of a very complicated geopolitical octopus and it is very easy to be mislead by the Wizards of War, so let us not mistake ignorance for lies of omission. I love the work of Whitney Webb, that he points to for instance, and her many valuable insights. One interview she gave was with Douglas Valentine, author of “The Phoenix Program” and more recently “The CIA as Organized Crime.” That same Phoenix Program that was perfected in SE Asia that caused so much strife with farmers turning on their neighbors in massive psychological warfare experiments, is the same one endorsed by Eric Prince to be used on the American People within its own borders. Let’s take it easy with the finger pointing and the divide and conquer tactic used so effectively in these Banker’s wars that they prolong to increase suffering and casualties. A good book is “Prolonging the Agony” with Jim Macgregor and Gerry Docherty from Trineday press that shows how this was done in WWI. The role of the Hoover Institute with these types of machinations was pointed out by Eustace Mullins but he did not, to my knowledge, show the financiers of IG Farben to be the Rothschilds and Warburgs. Should we point the finger at him? I think not. Everybody is trying their best and not necessarily the graduate of some military class on "spinning the news "to protect the world’s wealthiest’s crimes against humanity.


Thank you for writing this.