Musings on the truth war

Here’s my problem - or at least, a couple of my problems - since this war in the Ukraine began. Firstly, to listen to the Russians tell it, they’re winning hands down and decimating the Ukrainian military. To listen to the Ukrainians tell it, they’re decimating the Russian army which is collapsing from desertions, poor equipment, &c. Some sites are pointing out that the “footage” and pictures we’re looking at is recycled from other wars… color me surprised. Where the truth actually is in all this is anyone’s guess, but it does give credence to the old adage that the first casualty of any war is always the truth. Secondly, Putin appears to be ready to go after dissenters in Russia who don’t support the war. Meanwhile, the Western media appears to be going after dissenters for don’t support THEIR narrative of it. Color me surprised again. The first casualty in war is always the truth…


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Below is Manlio Dinucci’s Response

On March 8, after having briefly published it online (see link), the Manifesto’s editorial staff made the column The Art of War disappear overnight also from the paper edition, because I had refused to comply with the Ministry of Truth’s directive and had asked for a debate on the Ukrainian crisis..

Thus ends my long collaboration with this newspaper, on which for over ten years I published the column.

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My feeling is with Russias narrative. Not cuz I think Qanon Putin theories, but it just makes sense. First, China is right next door. China and Russia can be efficient trade partners outside Western influence. Plus the nuclear stockpile. China and Russia by their geography alone makes them better friends than anything a sinking America dependent on global trade can do. I think it was a completely bizarre disentanglement to begin with. My theory on why this didn’t happen under Trump was cause he knew Ukraine had nothing to offer the US. He was more vocal about dismemberment NATO alliance IMO than Zalensky is. That’s my take. Being said, Russia will take Ukraine and sending MIGs will only ensure and invite war in our own borders that we don’t even recognize under Viden. Speaking of which, there are tons of ukrainians at our own Southern Border Biden suddenly wants to screen and check. Why is that?

Speaking of the Truth War, it’s so volatile I can hardly distinguish between the left and right except that they want this “Peaceful Divorce.” This is so dangerous. I harken back to the quote, “when both sides agree, it’s a bigger deception than normal.” This to me is more dangerous than Russia and China could ever be to America. People don’t understand. The West has openly outed itself as a corrupt neerdowell comptroller at any cost IMO. Doing so, In a multi polar world, Russia and China won’t trust the West to divide intelligence and nukes amongst themselves. The fact it didn’t happen under Gorbachev and Reagan was cuz I believe, the West still had credibility with Soviet Union Intelligence. Not so today. The shoe is on the other foot, and Russia and China will not trust the West to solve this problem amongst ourselves with the corruption laying naked like King David’s wives on the rooftops. I absolutely believe that America to survive must wether this neoliberal storm.

The news media and internet are themselves battle fronts in this war. I don’t bother following the day-to-day reports from either side, since I assume it’s all propaganda – ranging from partial truths, to distortions, to complete fabrications. I believe only time will tell more or less what the truth is.

Even once it’s over, it may take many years for the whole truth to come out, if it ever does. Take World War II as an example. How many years of research, over how many decades, by how many brilliant researchers has it taken to ferret out a portion of the truth about what happened during that war?


Human trafficking is the first thing that comes to mind.


I find that I need to remind myself daily:

“In war, the first casualty is truth.”
― Aeschylus, Agamemnon. 500 BC

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Music censorship: 1812 Overture scrapped from the program. …Conductor dropped by management:

My best friend leaves for Poland tomorrow to visit her mother who is ill. Will probably be the last time she sees her. I hope it’s not the last time I see my friend.

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In the process of tracking who they are and whatever they are up to, never forget who you are and what you are up to:

The Enlightenment view of truth as an abstraction is certainly taking a battering. Instead we see various grubby antichrists asserting “I am the truth”, and demanding that readers, listeners and viewers not only believe what they say but also believe in them as the source of truth. In fact, all sides are lying to us.
All countries’ media have blood on their hands.


The elegant iambic trimeter “Apátēs dikaías ouk apostaseî theós” is attributed to Aeschylus, but (a) I think it’s more the kind of thing that Euripides would have written, and (b) it means approximately “No god condemns a righteous deception”, which is remote from “In war, the first casualty is truth.”
Besides, the lying was going on long before the war started.

Why? I live 15 miles from the Russian border. Quite safe place.

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It’s Cardiff’s loss. What a bunch of nonsense! This is what you get when you embrace cancel culture. “In the future, everybody will be canceled for fifteen minutes” – and the prescribed object of our five minutes’ hate will change from week to week…


I think it’s even more insidious than their demanding we believe in them as the source of truth. It’s as Karel van Wolferen says in that Solari interview ( They merely demand we make a show of assenting to the prescribed reality du jour; they don’t care whether we believe it’s true or not as long as we signal our adherence to the narrative. Put a Ukrainian flag or a syringe on your online profile, put a mask on your face… just do what we tell you today, which may be different from what we told you yesterday because “the science/narrative/enemy has changed.”


I know, Fiat – Why would we need to believe them, at all? We need no minds. We are binary and programmable trans-humans, required only to “obey.”

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I could be wrong but I don’t believe the ‘partnership’ between Russia and China has anything to do with 100% trust. I think it is more a partnership of convenience than anything.


Commentator brings up Senator Joe McCarthy and the communists history.
Brings home the points you spelled out:

[P.S. I’ve been hitting more & more "error 404"s when going to RT]

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True, but whatever partnerships are there in war?

Case in point the Allies really did not fully trust Stalin.