Question to and about the NWO & Mr Global: Are we governed by machines?

I think somewhere in his last interview with Dark Journalist, Dr J Farrell had this remark that it looks like Mr Global acts like following a machine. Here are some dots about this theme that I found interesting:

  1. In the mentionned interview, he also talked about people having no music. I don’t remember the context, but it reminds me the Ummit ET narrative where supposedly scandinavian looking aliens are coming to Earth helping us with tetralogic and technology 400 years in advance. The Ummit story looks very much like yet another Saucer-Swastika-PsyOp as they are also supposed to have a super Quantum Computer deciding destiny of people at very young age, but … having no music nor visual art. The sometimes rather fanciful if not fantasist French physicist and cosmologist Jean-Pierre Petit promots and seems to believe this Ummit narrative with the main argument that they gave him advanced hints on science…

  2. I haven’t look into details, but from what I have been told, the French Macron goverment implemented a computer algorithm that apparently decides the choices for the university for students (“Parcours Sup”). There is also the remark of former French deputy Frédérique Dumas who was in Macron’s “political movement” and said that she had the impression, he reacted like an algorithm or “matrix”, unable to really comprehend any information and lacking basic sense of empathy; that leads us to one aspect of my question: are we governed by sociopathic people void of compassion? [edit: and is it this that makes their decisions seem robotic ?]

  3. But there is also the work of the German philosopher Günter Anders who in 1956, developped in his ground breaking essay “Outdatedness of Human Beings” (subtitlte “On soul in the Era of the Second Industrial Revolution”) the idea of “Promethean Shame”, the fact that we feel weak and creepy in front of the perfection of the machines. There already he talks about a “Matrix” that we follow in our behaviors…

  4. Isn’t it also a frequent problematic in SF? (I think of HAL but haven’t investigated this issue a lot until now, I must admit).

  5. And maybe you could include to that picture some of Gigi Youngs ideas, as expressed in her last interview with DJ? For instance, believing in “Might is Right” searching for the “soul” in the DNA?

  6. I have also heard about scientific research and AI algorithm to predict history. Maybe someone knows some nice or interesting references?

So do you think everything can be predicted or is Human History more like an eternal adventure and Openness? What’s your opinion on these matters?


I’m afraid you’ll find my answer boring, as I don’t believe we know the truth about human history. It has been hidden from us; we only have snippets & not the whole story.

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Definitely agree the decisions being rolled out in lockstep seem to have a ring of AI to them.

Having said that most current era career politicians have to have a touch of personality disorder to be considered for the job.

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Oh? I surely did not think that we know the whole truth about human history either, doesn’t it go without saying? And yes, major parts are hiddden.

The idea behind the post is rather, how much AI is used, if they believe it would work, how far they have gone etc. For example, in online discussion, we miss the sound of the voice and the facial expression and this is one reason why they tend to be more violent and more prone to misunderstandings and conflicts. Also, complete digitalisation of infrastructures and public services is disfunctional, still the current elites push toward this direction. So what is the reason for that?

Here is the mentionned interview if interested :

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Full spectrum dominance would be my guess. Take Whatsapp for example. Zuckerborg paid how much for it? It was a lot. Most folks at the time thought it was hugely overpriced but even with it’s blatant overreach of privacy encroachment people just like using it because it is easy and convenient.

If only more people would drive on the digital highway with even one eye open.

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But as I see it,“Full spectrum dominance” via digitalization does not work. Instead many people reject it massively, TPTB are surrounded by yea-sayers etc. If you push people too much into something inhuman or dysfunctional, you get adverse reaction hence loosing control over it by exactly these means. Yet, they continue?

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I think TPTB are all in on the poker chips. The people that push back will be isolated, impoverished and excluded from means to support themselves. We are seeing denial of access to resources online through censorship, and I would suggest manipulation of domestic communications.

I can’t provide evidence for the latter, call it a hunch, but I have personal experiences with messages from friends and family never being delivered using certain messaging apps.

It seams to me, you ignore the real world aspect? People tend to talk in real world, have a beer while discussing effects of decisions of the NWO or even talk to strangers in public transport or similar situations. And the more they are denied access to ressources or simply do not fit into the grid, the more they in fact gather together. I do not know any statistical estimation of how many people are isolated and how many instead organize and wake up, but enough empirical evidence around me tells me something else than isolation and spiritual impoverishment. And material impoverishment quickly leads to opposite effect than what might be intended.

I guess my answer was geared around AI and the digital aspect of modern communication behaviours. Of course people will meet face to face and some may even raise the NWO topic. I would wager that much of the media campaign focused around fact checkers, so called ‘experts’, and labelling open discussion on the great reset as a conspiracy theory might induce self censorship by the masses.


It can happen, but the opposite is also possible, and that’s what I observe around me: people have long time ago lost trust in “experts”, and now it has also become more and more acknowledged that the “conspiracy theory” rhetoric is little more than indeed censorship. Trust into institutions and goverments are around 30 % in many major western countries including the U.S. or UK. That’s not necessarily all good, because all kinds of subtile disinformation strategies are also lurking on the horizon, but the control of the narrative is gone as far as I can see.

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I really hope so, but personally I find it difficult to get a sense of the general mood of this country (UK). I had very little faith in opinion polls even before this operation was rolled out, even less now.

Getting back to the AI area, I think the speculation that there may be something going on in terms of leverage over governments could have some merit. Take the old movie Wargames. The AI had gained access to the nuclear launch codes and was pretty much acting on its own thanks to some oversight on the part of the systems designers.

Yeah I know, it was just an 80’s kids movie.


See if they publish that kind of polls with all the propaganda, how bad would it be without it? I once imagined it’s so bad, that there would someting like negative percentage of favorable opinions for public “leaders”. :smiley:

I didn’t know the Wargames movie: a bit like the “Odyssee 2001” scenario, somehow? No doubt AI is a danger!

There is also a huge challenge for humanity and each individual human being since 50 or 100 years as we now have the possibility to get completely lost in any kind of virtual reality with theories, books, propaganda, TV, internet & games and the like. But aren’t we more and more aware of these dangers?

Even fb is a failure somehow, people know that, don’t you think so? I’ve heard about a fb feature where you would be remembered what happened exactly one year ago: that’s a mess just because way too often we don’t want to be remembered, we need to forget some stuff…

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Haha, so true. I think western governments are past caring now. They just pull up another truckload of ballots and who cares if the tape is rolling.

I agree VR is a challenge, but then I guess so was science, the enlightenment etc… Obviously teething issues with people thinking electricity was some kind of angry god.

I’m up for a bit of holodeck mischief, but really? Walking about with a facebook shoebox strapped to my noggin. I’m not feeling it right now.

I saw the DJ interview & for the most part was unclear.

Yes science and enlightment are challenges with obvious flaws. In the 18th century, reading too much was considered a problem. Science brought us an unhealthy mechanistic ideology. But the idea that by that means you can achieve complete control over humans with machines is insane: I think the same will happen with internet, it’s just sooo many possibilities and loopholes, and the more people get addicted to it, the more they will search for freedom in it or … a way out!

I agree, that is in the works already.

I cant remember who’s quote it was about “science being the light in the darkness” but I guess we have all been conditioned to buy into that materialistic ideology. In fairness it got us to the moon (allegedly)

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Well Gigi is very metaphorical and I would not say always meaningful :slight_smile: Nor that I would have find it interesting few years ago.

But maybe it’s exactly the metaphorical understanding of the world and some supposed Elites that interests me and how she considers it to be the problem of TPTB?

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I understand what Gigi is saying, I just don’t find her very enlightening, nor psychic. Not sure what her role is on DJ, but hey, different strokes…


I’ve listened to a few talks with Gigi. Without deeper knowledge of the occulted language it’s kind of hard to decipher. But that is most likely down to me not understanding from a bugs eye view. I’m definitely interested in the role of the planets on our daily lives but it’s early days for me in terms of trying to explain that concisely to someone with no clue.