If you’ve been following the research of Catherine Austin Fitts or Dr. Mark Skidmore of Michigan State University in the past few years, you’ll know that there’s incontrovertible evidence of a lot of missing money, particularly in the American federal “budget”. But W.G. spotted this story about the Bank of International Swag Settlements (BIS) finally noticing the same…


“If so, did the BIS just in a round-about way acknowledge something I have suspected for a long time, namely, that there’s an entirely hidden financial system, and that the BIS isn’t in on all of its workings”

Wait a min doc does this mean, that BIS missing money allocated on their books under “other” is not really there but somewhere else ???
So the search goes on???

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" … the BIS said a lack of information is making it harder for policy makers to anticipate the next financial crisis."

" … to anticipate the next financial crisis." is the most disturbing part of this. Think about it for a minute.


Aside the realeconomics with all its unrealities this looks to me as realpolitics, or better said sounds like factional bickering mids the euroatlantic realm i.e. after the latest crunch of arrests in Germany as if now Habsburgs are trying to give a hand to Hohenstaufens, altho cant claim for sure that H’ers have grip on BIS altho its under their hood and they teutonic otto flow … digression that is just some strange timing hunch!

What is interesting about this BIS anomaly if true effectively is pushing the banking world on the edge! hm first LIBOR now BIS whats next? Relevant question is could IMF outbalance this kind of risks with its cbdc, hm maybe if employ postwaymar blueprint [1][1] if so then we will see history repeating cycle, or!?

For “anticipate” they mean “manipulate”…


Somewhat exhausting that we’re all chained to this Holographic phantasm of value… I’m not sure I’ll ever grasp it… Is money the collective will of humanity?.. A tide or current to be harnessed or just a Sigil that’s had us all fooled since they weaponized mathematics… It’s never been clear to me…


I would speculate that the BIS is part and parcel of the hidden financial system. So I looked for the original article, which is a very interesting read. Some quotes of interest include:

FX swaps, forwards and currency swaps give rise to dollar obligations that were backstopped in 2008 and 2020 by central banks acting on little information about who owed the debt.

Just how large is the missing dollar debt from FX swaps/forwards and currency swaps? At end-June 2022, dealer banks had $52 trillion in outstanding dollar positions with customers. Non-banks had dollar obligations of half of this amount, $26 trillion. This sum has been growing strongly, from $17 trillion in 2016.
This $26 trillion dollar debt is likely owed by entities outside the United States, for which the dollar is a foreign currency
The off-balance sheet US dollar debt of non-banks outside the United States substantially exceeds their on-balance sheet debt and has been growing faster.

It is not even clear how many analysts are aware of the existence of the large off-balance sheet obligations. This makes it difficult to anticipate the scale and geography of dollar rollover needs.


Great find and the “little information” about who owned the debt is, I suspect, true…

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… let us continue to pull on this string by asking more questions. To say that one is anticipating the “next crisis” is to acknowledge that there has been at least one previous crisis.
What “previous crisis” (actually we know there have been many crises) is being referenced here? The reference of “next crisis” is so generic that it contributes nothing to the attempt at explication.

I am reminded by this of a story told by “The Amazing Randi”. He had heard of stories about the palm reading abilities of elderly twin sisters who lived somewhere out in some isolated part of Russia. He became interested in finding them and testing their “psychic” abilities. After locating them he travelled to see them and obtain a “reading”. They meet and sit down for his reading. Neither of the sisters spoke English so there was need for a translator to be present. Randi sits down in a chair and other than having his arms crossed across his chest he gives no affect of any kind. After some time of Randi simply sitting in the chair with his arms crossed the sisters begin to talk quietly to each other. One of them then says something to the translator. The translator tells Randi that they would like him to extend his arm to them so that they may see his palm. Randi complies. They both begin to examine his palm. After a minute or so one of them says something to the translator. The translator tells Randi that they wish to ask him some questions. Randi replies “Fine, go ahead.” The translator and the sisters begin to converse and the sisters’ questions are posed to Randi by the translator. Randi does not reply to any of the questions. After a period of quiet one of the sisters says something to the translator. The translator turns to Randi and says “They say they wish you would talk more.”

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That’s what I mean Scarmoge, looks like BIS in not in control of its own books and they themself don’t know who “other” are.


I wonder how much is in US treasury bonds in the hand of the saudis…
Ive heard they for some reason doesnt need to disclose how much of those they have.

Is the Medium( of exchange/excheqeur) the Message? If so, what is it? And is anyone sitting on that Message? If so, who?
Perhaps more importantly, how is/are this/these being “exchanged”?