Mind manipulation

By the way this is sort of off topic but Julia’s cover of “Everything I do, I do it for you” was just taken down by a record label shark censor but it is still here in this other Acapella mix (song #3, also song #11 in 2 hour one) hope this stays online and helps to drown out the broken record player signal broadcaster.

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Yikes that looks like that was written by a spider.

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altho this tech is public secret, more and more we will be exposed to it and logically will learn about it, psyop realm that as someone wants to reach stable blue’beam alike utopia so would have excuse why was experimented unlawfully as now is, most probably experimental targets are picked by security risks from ideological point maybe labeled now as “terrorists” so would fit the bill what earlier before the introduction of the patriotic act were just potential demystificators of the corrupt plutocratic system now in phase of walk in transhumanist technocracy! and as the release of comps or any new tech till now it will take time before its existence is disclosed tho not fully, I mean who would officialize methods for invisible torture!? yet already we have notion for what is case [3][3][3] and can just guess till which extremes can be used or misused!

still as experimental victim You are not alone and that is somehow comfort, hek recently many became vaxed with bionic’chimeric’jabs and all that smoothly legalized without any liability for noone, what about this that is just part of the long history of involuntary military experimenting with the western population [2][2][2]

one thing that can help is active exercise but above all Grace [1][1][1] so combination of both in my experience gives extra shield, I know people think faraday cage can shield them but if You are already vaxed or have enough heavy metals in your body [2][2][2] its question how much will stay safe, aside that You cant stay indoors constantly, actually as with the demons-anathema-to-them any dia darpa attack is maneuvered by sane source which dont respects Our Free Will so fencing Yourself with Grace at least is firing back causally to “them” by the measure of Your Repentance and embracement of True Orthodox Christianity points suggested in the first footnotes … as much You will participate in Liturgies with Belief and Focus per’se on Salvation You will raise in patience what eventually will bring calmness and peace and like that in reach Salvation too yet it depends on the level of unburdening of sins and plugging the holes with Grace through Consecrated Life so do use regularly altho with Blessing from Spiritual Father the Holly Mysteries of Confession and Eucharist … and in case You loosen and fall dont despair but remember we are not in this world so would enjoy but through suffering to learn where is our place, altho the suffering is solely due to our fixation on determinism not to embrace The Truth but also refusing to accept that this world has own causality thus when You are going against someones free will like “theirs” as empires and their elites be aware that such feat leads to Martyrdom so prepare for that if cant calm Your urge to demystify or expose “them” ~ easier above all by not judging “them” but trying to help “them” coz “they” are also Souls altho captured by false ideals system and agendas! why people think that they can act judges and vigilantes in someones ghetto and not to suffer that I really cant understand, so either get quiet or stood tall and accept the molesting when challenge “them” anyhow, be smart at least do that creatively and if not else will release the pressure but not provoke anger and silent penology! not that all are targeted coz dissident reasons but many are, probably many as graceless are just used as “their” human resources and picked from whatever reason for genetic environmental or sociological examining and how their will behave, yes behaviorism as modern eugenics extension is bursting in full steam in context of “their” will to tweak most potent transhumanist technocracy, yet again do fence Yourself with Grace and most of the side effects will be bearable if not evaded coz so would evade them in fullness one need to hm live ascetic life in cave plus with Orthodox Christian Life in Feat so would escape all the urban traps, yet again whereever You’ll go You cant escape from your own past causality thus without focus on Consecrated Liturgical Life even You will get better in nature per’se it dont means You will reach Salvation coz You are tied neatly to Your close ones till You are not certain You left them secured behind for basic needs to survive i.e. per’se running away will not get You nowhere but again and again You will be stirred back by Grace except if You are in utmost danger so to be pushed off by Grace even that is undoable so get Inchurched … me myself I live to some extent with nomad mindset like this not rooting anywhere for granted till I dont went out of the euroatlantic realm, still I do know to stuck in some place and again and again “they” targeting me even tho not always I am in antinato mood, simply “they” are afraid also from Christians even more want to fool us as is prophesized in The Bilble Revelation … yet Grace makes miracles always for those who are Faithful as in the first centuries and The Holy Martyrs who couldnt be even burnt by fire so as now but go escape nowadays decadence materialsim and egoism easily how we are selftempting from all sides through internet and television dont forget You are falling in sin even by lustful thoughts so constantly at attack from all sides to loose the extra harnessed Grace by Orthodox Christian Life in Feat, what about when we will take some stone and throw it coz some trend or the crowd will pull us for what think social networks are most risky ground, altho it could be feat to try help there all likewise drown souls yet go fight the a.i. bot windmills so its better to stay away and encourage others to step out from that predominantly voyaeristic trap (in peaceful times) but also hate guillotine and anger gallows ocean (in times of turmoil) simply we are all tied like consciousness so tilting in plces controlled and manipulated by “dem” is risk beyond understanding from many aspects eg. wellbeing calmness focus true joy Salvation above all …

Take Care and Get Well …

can anyone confirm that after been aware about this obviously elf military tech [1] that had have more spiritual attacks? not that this can be proved exactly, or at all grasped by humanists reductionists atheists and alike So Please Dont Jump in with spamming if are not aware about the spiritual realm …

eg. myself altho I am not at all fan of porn industry, more than decade didnt indulge in open lusting, except when pulled in coz lesser focus on Consecrated Inchurched Life (check the “sexchaining” spoiler below) yet I’ve noticed that since ~2008 I’ve been more exposed on various attacks in my case mostly sexual coz somehow put hard lid on materialism and egoism, since it was somehow more easy to fall than earlier, so if I am correct with the ionization of our world is opened greater door for demons-anathema-to-them to tempt us, and it could be seen on all levels how insanity is more and more legalized while anger like never before cheered, I know that fakebook as voyaeristic soc.network plays also huge role in this, altho in my case I am mostly not present there and from time to time would open account when I’ll come back to my country so would get again in contact with my family and friends, So for me fakebook is of yet still was on persistent attack if I loosen and remove myself from the Eucharist as Orthodox Christian, altho I do fight back with Prayers yet not like when I am firmly on my feet, I cant imagine on how huge attack are those tilting on fakebook, yet think that as elf tech now also micromillimeter wave one like 5g we are more exposed on attacks, not sure just how big percent falls on our carelessness continually to be surrounded by wifi signals … some will say nah You are tripping but I’ll remind You I dont have issue with voices or paranoia from unknown stalking I know my stalkers simply as antinato dissident since 2001 I am actively on local secret service list. yet I was and I am fried by emf periodically when I’ll get again in public with my antinato memos what was mostly locally but since 2018 lets say I am waving mostly on global eforums about ea’determinists n’w’o transhumanism in birth, I just lack some thoughtful docu to make around the genesis of all this neopagan agenda, but when I saw that exist researcher liek JFP with smile I will step aside and wait on this community for such vibe …



falling in “succubus” sins for those Christians that are not married is easy as bumping hard in hole coz deflated tires, sometimes its enough even one Liturgy to miss so would be instantly on extra attack, but not rarely also as result of love hook by girl pariziting on me so when she is in lust mode wanting or not is trying to pull me in her lets say vortex. and if anyhow I will loosen normally I am pulled in, anyway its my fault that didnt broke the bound directly but just waiting to chill off, yet even then in principle its spiritual attack coz when someone lust demons-anathema-to-them are hooking on that link and try to steal as much as possible Grace from us simple “they” are feeding on our lusts greed envy hate anger practically pulling us daily in traps to sin, hm cant imagine how is it for those who are addicted to porn [2] predominantly the Young but not necessary coz we live in times without any ethical moral or soteriological ideals after the enthronement of sexual revolution in '70s on west [3][3][3] now spread to whole world by internet sexploitation! CANT IMAGINE WHAT IF ANYHOW ALL THIS IS AMPLIFIED WITH THE MIND ELF PROPAGATION ON WIDE LEVEL!

I hereby neither confirm nor deny anything about any of that.

the problem with awareness in this context can be reached only if one is optout from fakebook probably, I am rarely watching tv too, yet have more or less two decades experience as Inchurched, and I can differ various periods eg. just Inchurched but not living Consecrated Life (Holy Mysteries of Confession and Eucharist) then again back and fourth with devoted Consecrated periods, but somehow noticed that around 2008 the attacks were getting more regular and normally if You change residence in other place You should be unburdened from the past place causality and as Inchurched to get more free, yet I’ve noticed that that wasnt case but instantly attacks were starting So from some personal experience I can tell something was boosted around the attacks, altho I am first time mentioning it anywhere, simply till recently talking aloud about this kind of things would look wierdo even for any conspy buff coz its involving DoD and its covert transhumanist agendas!

one thing that can be found as coincidence around the timeframe I am suggesting is peculiar event by the alaskan haarp scientists, so either then started the experiment in higher gear as global (coz as local or regional was tested since 1963 back then just in context of scalar weapon, while in '90s was probably observed interaction with nanobots) or DoD from geoengineering started to shift in bio’nano’panopticon agenda too, yet I cant tell is it connected to wide employment of haarp, but the risks from opening portals is not at all neglectful …




Magnetic Portals Connect Earth to the Sun

There are many unanswered questions: Why do the portals form every 8 minutes? How do magnetic fields inside the cylinder twist and coil? “We’re doing some heavy thinking about this at the Workshop,” says Sibeck.
Meanwhile, high above your head, a new portal is opening, connecting your planet to the sun.


What the hell are you even talking about? If I was a moderator for this site I would definitley not even consider tolerating this level of nonsensical garbage.

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I don’t use twitter, was able to see those posts in that link though was there something there you want to talk about?

when You’ve slip music video in the haarp thread I saw it as circumstantional pause [1] now sense that was intentional spamming … first of all quote with what You dont agree, probably not all of my reasoning is for garbage!?


so would not be waste of post and cross in further rants my response I’ll add interesting correlation to mind manipulation and sex, strangely but the same is extra used for psyop against muslims as more traditional [2] but nontheless at attack are christians too when needed simply its easiest way for removing Grace as shield so later the target to be even easier manipulated! check the next footnoted info in the next links [2][2][2] and maybe those sex digressions in my previous two posts can be more clear in context of possible misuse of haarp for such mind manipulation, altho for many even haarp as mindbending tech is garbage claim ~ what about trying to grasp in what kind of ways the same can be exploited as such!

Gigi. Gigo. GIGO. Pollution and junk.

Honestly I just felt bad for you that no one else had even responded to anything you were saying there and I didn’t have anything to offer on that subject other than some harp music I thought would be calming for you to listen too.

Spamming would be something like: *CLICK HERE FOR FREE $$!!" or vast paragraphs of barely decipherable confusion with a high number of unlabeled links to outside sites that could be a risk to anyone who may click those.

that exactly is spamming! I’ll use line from the moderation thread so would be more clear … lets say its suitable debate manipulation approach … as agitprop tool is gaslighting approach for derailing ontopic focus …


about my fractal debate style and using footnotes as support for my claims or extending with them my points coz greater viability with lesser space used for elaboration HM 1. surely I was checked by JPF whether I am anyhow using malicious websites in my footnotes and if I was even more certainly I would be banned, 2. the risks from malwares are present on all web so per’se this excuse is valid only for propaganda bots so would evade debate what I’ve noticed as excuse behavior on other forums where and when I’ll challenge somehow ea’determinists or “their” stooges, not that You are such but the pattern strikes strangely, and 3. if You are on internet for debate and exploration being in paranoia from traps will restrain Your will hugely ~ compare it with jaywalking yeah You want shortcut but afraid that some car dont have brakes ~ if so then use different comp that is not tied to workplace or your prime work so would evade potential risks … maybe good risk management in this context is introduction mandatory rule every link to be archived and shared here as archived link …

still without stiff moderation and constant offtopic chitchat like this this forum will be far from attractive even for reading what about debate! SO open new thread if want to continue this conversation … whats the point of ruining every thread like this!?

I’m not personally here for the sake of debating anyone, thanks for your reply you seem like an intelligent person but I am confused by some of your statements don’t make a lot of sense to me and I am taken aback by some of the things you have said.

I did lose someone in my americorps class to jaywalking, they were killed by being struck by a car on federal boulevard in Denver.

this nice typo for viewability, gives spamming opportunity to derail with our chitchat this thread, an extra argument to respond to Your further offtopic chitchat, I mean whats the point in broadening jatwalk digression in this thread except for purpose of further derailing the mindmanipulation topic, maybe before others start to ask how old was your friend I can ask what kind of teachers you’ve had in the class, probably their shoes also influenced the attention of students, hek we can stretch the chitchat till the asbestos water pipes too, and all that screams this kind of posts should end up in potential future thread chatbox if not immediately in forum bin …

So Its good for change both to stop hijacking the ontopic debate here by whatever means, be creative next time send me PM when want to applaud me wrongly in public, hm like-dislike system instead hearts can help in this respect …

Please just stop talking.


Must Apologize Maybe I Should Had Have Constrain Myself To Speak Outloud about personal experience that for the majority would be at best speculation, yep sex mind manipulation as sexploitation is nothing new if not else as advertising hype, yet some neopagans behind the scenes manipulating us all on different ways and levels That is too much nonsense even for many Christians, almost impossible almost paranoia almost silliness, Still I’ve loosen and shared my notion that we are on various attacks and by different agitprop means some propagating in our minds some in our hearths and some in our destiny for the last one transhumanism pushed on small door by m’rna jabs is explanation while sex temptation is all about disabling the nous of the Soul while propaganda voices for steering the mind and attention, in my opinion all stirred by the masters’of’chaos the infamous euroatalntic determinists which utopian neopagan agenda is now probably obvious to all as new’world’order altho not so obvious that the same is tied to transhumanism as eternal oblivion for our souls, imagine cyborg animals would ethics follow for them as is now not follow us coz “they” see us exactly in such way, hackable animals whether by rudimentary or scifi means, masses that need to be controlled manipulated and exploited kissin’brze&co would say, the worst thing is that as neopagans or atheists “they” are just tool in hands of entities far sinister anathema-to-them! and this is indeed metaphysics for many unaware that the basis of this world is the spiritual world thus wrongly judge and attack people instead by Prayers “their” true masters, tho who how to grasp this when we are all manipulated to see Orthodox Christianity as something difficult for reaching ideal reserved for the past loosening the will on all levels for Life In Christian Feat making compromises and not even thinking about Salvation as prime pivot in our existence on this world, as if we are programmed since school to follow specific enslavement rat race pattern coz the benefit of the modern pharaohs, all nicely upgraded by bread&games, plus salted by ignorance for True Freedom Of The Soul …

So Sorry Bahri indeed it was my mistake while trying to simplify my point didnt gave context to the broader picture, and whether the same could be polished nowadays by modern tech accidentally or not, altho with what we are confronted as neopagans and “their” utopian agendas defacto one cant avoid to speculate that is word for conspiracy behind the scenes!

Stay Safe Cheers …

You obviously don’t sound interested in the answers to any of these questions you rattled off there, but I’ll answer them anyway:

The person who died was not my friend, we were not even in the same unit.

Americorps classes don’t “have teachers,” but we did work some as teachers.

There is no “forum bin,” and there probably never will be.

This thread is in the publicly viewable forum category, I think it’d be a good idea to move this to Giza Only or a different category you don’t even qualify to see yet because you are at a low trust tier being new here but if I move it to that I don’t know if the person who started this thread will even be able to comment again on this thread so I will refrain from doing that for now.

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By the way just to introduce myself, I did go through public u.s. schooling and got out of high school in 2009, I enlisted as an air force medic then and was in delayed entry for eight months but oppourtunity to go to university came up before I started basic training so decided to go to university first before/if serving in the military. Both of my grandpas were navy officers during WWII, one almost crashed a 30 ton plane in the pacific when the carbeurators froze over but luckily they were able to get the engines running again before crashing.

Anyway so with Americorps also the first team I was on got a picture with Joe Biden at a cafe in Kansas City Missouri when he happened to go out for ice cream at the same place where they were having lunch back when he was v.p. for Obama. I had requested a transfer to a different team before that because I didn’t get along well with the team leader, but completed first project at TenKiller state park in eastern Oklahoma cutting down trees and building masonry walls around picnic tables we even got congressional medals for our service.

The Corps was evicted from Colorado heights university in the middle of winter so we were re-stationed at the Denver Federal Center, which is a very spooky place on the west side of the city.

I’ve heard there is a whole underworld that has been built under America, the Denver Airport they say is a major center of the underground train system.